Hummingbirds Have Arrived

Middle of February and I have seen the first wave of hummingbirds arrive. Many will continue migrating north to their spring/summer feeding and breeding areas.
Planting long neck flowers will attract and feed hummingbirds in your garden.

I should start seeing the arrival of more hummingbirds, purple martins, house finch and of course the ever present english sparrows at my feeders and bird houses placed around my tiny house and garden.

If you don’t have a hummingbird feeder, consider getting at least one. Not only do hummingbirds serve as pollinators for some flowers, they also eat a great number of small flying insects (mosquitoes for example). Besides everything else they are a fun and are enjoyable to watch as they come to your feeders.

Contrary to popular belief, red colored sugar water is not needed to attract hummingbirds to your feeders. Make your own cheap and easy hummingbird feeder solution by mixing 1 party sugar to 4 parts water, heat until water reaches near boiling temperature, remove from heat, stir until all sugar has dissolved. Cool and fill your feeders. Store any left over in an air tight container.
Hint: Do not boil your sugar water. It will turn into a thin syrup, not good as a Hummingbird feed.

Empty feeders every 2 or 3 days if birds have not consumed all your feed. Wash with warm soap water, rinse to remove all traces of soap, refill with fresh sugar water.
DO NOT use honey in your feeders. Honey will cause a bacterial infection on hummingbirds beaks and this will kill your Hummingbirds.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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4 responses to “Hummingbirds Have Arrived

  1. Lucky you! I just bought two new feeders and will start stocking up on sugar closer to May. Last year I was going through 10lbs of sugar a week and closer to the end 15! I’m hoping they will return again this year. They are great entertainment!

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  2. Lucky you! We are months away from seeing hummingbirds here in PA. Such marvels of nature.

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    • Smiling, it will be another 30 days or so before the main migration of hummingbirds arrive, but I always get a few arriving in mid-February. They have a hard go of things, few flowers are blooming and nights are cold, they benefit from having an unlimited food source until the flowers come into full bloom in anther 10 – 15 days.
      Happy Gardening


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