Spring Is Very Near

Knowing your last ‘Normal’ Spring frost / freeze date is imperative before you start planting flower and vegetable seed or setting out seedlings. Seed and seedlings planted to early will not germinate well and seedlings may be killed by a hard frost / freeze.

Grin … I know some of us still havent finished our Fall prepration project(s).
Things like:
Gasoline powered equipment, lawn mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, tillers and such need.
* Clean equipment removing dirt, grease and spilled oil.
* Fuel drained or at least fuel stabilizer added to fuel tanks.
* Fuel filters replaced.
* Oil drained, oil and filters replaced.
* Cutting blades removed, inspected and sharpened or replaced.

* Review your vegetable and flower garden plans.
When reviewing your garden catalogs for new vegetable/flower varieties to try, an important consideration is improved insect and/or disease resistance. Watch also for drought tolerant and bush types.

* Prune house plants to keep them shapely. Pinch back new growth to promote bushy plants. Check house plants closely for insect infestations.
Quarantine gift plants until you determine that they are not harboring disease or insect pests.

* House plants with large leaves and smooth foliage, such as philodendrons, dracaena and rubber plant benefit if their leaves are washed to remove dust and grime, washing helps keep the leaf pores open.

* Clean crusty clay and plastic pots, add one cup each of white vinegar and household bleach to a gallon of warm water and soak the pots. For heavily crusted pots, scrub with a steel wool pad after soaking for 12 hours.
Rinse well in warm clear water. Allow pots to air dry, exposing them to direct sun light to dry is helpful in killing bacteria.

* Now is a good time to locate and purchase a ton or two of well rotted animal manure or well composted plant based compost to be tilled into your Spring garden plot.

cold frames and hotbeds Yes I do know (I do have a calendar) it’s still mid-winter in North America. However now is a good time to undertake a easy useful project.
It’s time to be building your cold frame(s) and hotbed(s) to get a head start on Spring Gardening and to extend your gardening season well into the winter months. Extension Horticulture Specialist, Virginia Tech get the most out of a garden, you can extend the growing season by sheltering plants from cold weather both in early spring and during the fall.
University of Missouri Department of Horticulture Building and Using Hotbeds and Cold frames.
Even a small cold frame or hotbed can provide your family with a lot of fresh healthy salad greens and cooking herbs this winter. There’s something magical about the taste of your own fresh home grown salad.

Construction Plan for an easy to build Hot Bed.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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2 responses to “Spring Is Very Near

  1. Great overview, especially about the equipment maintenance. Nothing is worse than having to do maintenance or repairs once spring starts rocking 🙂


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