WordPress Techs Are Good Guy’s

For the record, thanks to the outstanding help and customer service, Kevin M. a WordPress ‘Happiness Engineer’ I now have access to my old WordPress blog editor.
Thank You Kevin

WordPress staff should be commended for their fast, efficient customer service.

So, I am once again a happy blogger.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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10 responses to “WordPress Techs Are Good Guy’s

  1. Glad you got it straightened out.


  2. That’s really odd. The link doesn’t show in the first response to my comment on your blog, but it appears when I find your responses by clicking on the comment bubble at the top right of the WordPress screen. I also found a typo in my original comment. I hate it when that happens. Could it be a pop up ad in the comment column?

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    • That is a JAVA script and is being called from polldaddy.com.
      I don’t trust JAVA and don’t have JAVA installed on my computer, so it is displaying the script and not the graphic displayed poll associated with the script.

      I looked under my dashboard / POLL and it said that I do not have an active poll and I have not created a POLL.
      I must assume this is a bad bug in wordpress ‘new’ software.
      At any rate stay away from that link.
      I will contact wordpress IT guy’s and send them a copy of all the info you sent me.

      Thanks for the heads up on this poll link problem.

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      • Thanks. The link is there at the bottom of your comment again. Don’t know if you put it there or if it just appeared. Either way, I won’t click it again.

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        • No, I am not/have not inserted a link in my comments to you.
          I can’t make my software/console display the link that keeps appearing when you view my comments page.
          I hope those wordpress IT guys take time to track this down and fit the problem.
          Happy Gardening


  3. I wish they would just keep the old system completely.

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