Gardening With Your Purple Crayola And Big Chief Note Pad

Plan out your spring/summer garden. Yes I do know that it is always better organized on paper than in your garden.

In my humble opinion a garden is not complete without:
* Sweet corn. Even small gardens can grow a few ears of sweet corn, There are many new vanities that are smaller plants and take up little space in your garden. Note: Each corn stalk will produce two ears of corn.
Hint: For the best pollination, plant corn in several short rows not one long row. Plant 4-5 seeds in each row for a total of 10-15 corn stalks. Plant a second and third planting at 7-10 day intervals to extend your corn harvest season.

* Cucumbers. A salad is not complete without a few slices of cucumber. Cucumbers are well adapted to growing on a trellis to save garden space.
If a trellis is not an option look for varieties that are bush types. They are a bit less productive, but, they require little garden space to produce a nice sized crop.
Cucumbers range in size from the tiny gherkin types to three foot long varieties.
Hint: In my opinion, smaller is better. Harvest daily or every other day.

* Peppers. Hot or sweet or both. Peppers require little garden space. Plant two or more for the best pollination. Pepper can be harvested at any size. Harvesting young small pods will encourage the plant to produce more blooms. Young small hot pepper pods are very mild when compared to a mature pepper pod.
Hint: Peppers benefit from light shade during the intense afternoon sun and heat.

* Tomatoes. I have a posting that you may find useful on growing tomato’s. Those postings have to much information to re-post here.
Tomato’s – Grow Your Own – It’s Easy
Tomatoe’s 101
Sphinx Moths – aka – Tomato Worm

* Herbs. Grow what you like to eat. Herbs are easy to grow but should be planted in separate beds/containers based on their water requirements. Some herbs like the soil to be near bone dry before you water, others like the soil constantly damp(not wet).
If covenant plant your herbs in pots/containers/raised beds near your kitchen door. You are much more likely to harvest and use fresh herbs if they are always near by.

Herbs that I can not do without:
* Basil: likes sun and tolerates light shade and to live in rich damp soil.

* Chives: like full sun, but grow best in soils that are high in organic matter. Plants that are harvested frequently benefit from supplemental NPK 10-10-10 fertilizer during the season. All parts are eatable, roots, foliage and flowers.

* Oregano: likes full sun and good drainage is required. Harvesting can begin before the plants are ready to flower. Remove the stem tips leaving 4-6 pairs of leaves on the plant in order for it to produce side shoots for additional harvesting.
Hint: Do Not Allowing the plant to flower will stop growth completely.

* Sage: likes a dry soil and will do well in poor soils. Harvest through the season.
Hint: Remove all flowers stems to keep your plant healthy and productive.

* Thyme: likes sun in soil that is well amended with organic matter and well drained. Thyme can be harvested through the season but is best cut just before the plant starts to flower.
Hint: Remove all flowers stems to keep your plant healthy and productive.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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3 responses to “Gardening With Your Purple Crayola And Big Chief Note Pad

  1. Try growing your cucumbers with your corn! Was the best crop of both we ever had! Will be doing it again this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m ready! I just can’t decide which seeds I want to start with, soooo many to choose from!!


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