Living with a smaller foot print – Tiny Houses and now Tiny Apartments

This post has little or nothing to do with gardening but it does question what is ‘Quality’ of life.
In the past 5 years or so, after the bank housing market collapsed in 2008 there has been much interest in the concept of living small.

Depending on who’s definition you use a Tiny house/apartment can range from 500 square feet to a tiny size of 120 or even as small as 80 square feet.

My last move I down sized for the third time into a 288 square foot tiny house. To keep every thing in prospective, I share my tiny living space with three dogs.
After being in my tiny house 5+ years I have discovered that after adding a storage building and a tiny enclosed front porch, that houses my deep freezer and shelving for thing I need ‘once’ in a while. My 288 square tiny house is larger that the space I really need or use. I should have gone for something smaller.

BBC said “Rising property prices in big cities have squeezed many home buyers out of the market. The average price of a new home in Toronto is $588,164, in London it’s £534,000 ($794,549), in New York City’s Manhattan borough it’s $710,000, in Sydney $617,000. The micro-condo offers an (almost) affordable alternative.

Samuel Baron has downsized his property at the age of just 26 to live closer to Vancouver’s city center — Canada’s hottest property market — and cut out his transport expenses. He achieved both, but the trade off was space. He now pays $800.00 per month in rent in a part of town where the average sized bachelor pad rents for as much as $1,200.00 a month.

It is glaringly obvious that the worlds 18-25 year old’s have different priorities than an old fat guy.
Consumer research showed 40% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 36 prefer to live in urban areas instead of the suburbs.
In the UK 54% of 18 to 24 year old’s were happy to consider living in a studio flat that makes living in central locations more affordable.
Australia 18 to 24 year old’s ranked proximity to the central business district as a top priority when looking for real estate.

What will our cities look like in 25 years?
A project, called My Micro NY will transform the 11 floor tower. It will have so called nano-units ranging from 24sq meters (260sq foot) to 33.5sq meters (360sq foot), which will rent for $2,000 to $3,000 a month.
Similar projects are being developed in the UK and Canada.
Mmmmm using 1940’s math it looks like ‘to rent’ a nano apartment it will cost the renter as little as $7.70 as much as $8.35 a square foot!
The sad part of this is Real estate agents, builders and property owners are advertising this as a cheap solution to an ever growing housing shortage.

Canada: Urban Capital has sold 220 of 250 units currently under construction. They range from 26.7sq meters (288sq foot) to 72sq meters (778sq foot) and are priced between $200,000.00 and $440,000.00 dollars.

London: Apartment developer Pocket Living is selling 38sq meters (409sq foot) units between $282,000.00 and $386,000.00.

Am I the only person on planet Earth that thinks $945.00 dollars a square foot is a bit on the excessive side?

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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15 responses to “Living with a smaller foot print – Tiny Houses and now Tiny Apartments

  1. Please excuse all of my grammatical errors in my last comment… Not enough coffee yet !

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  2. Yes I agree this is ridiculous! I used to live in what would be called ‘metro Vancouver’/lower mainland. The affordable housing shortage is ridiculous. I worked in the landscape trades in Vancouver making a decent ‘living wage’, about 13-15$/hr. After bus pass and minimal food purchases, the rest of my pay went to rent. I moved from Vancouver 4 years ago simply because the landlords have us a three month renovation notice ( a trick used often when landlords want to jack the rents up much higher than the province will allow in a year ) notice given to old tenants, ‘renovations’ done then rent to new people at a substantially larger rent. I was paying $950/month for what was a mold riddled, illegal basement suite:(. I would have to say I would have jumped at a rent of $935 for a micro apartment. Pointing this out as I realize that you are from the states, Vancouver likes to deny or hide that their housing is so affordable. So the places that you have read the be renting at 935$ or actually rented at much higher rates $1100-1300. Trust me, I looked everywhere before making the move to the valley. It’s a shame as there are so many people that are not even making close to a living wage. These people truly struggle.

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    • I do understand, I see places renting for $800-$900 a month that is not fit to house my dogs.
      This was a pay as I go project, when I moved in 8sbout 8 years ago it was mine, mo house/property loans were outstanding, it was free and clear. My only housing expenses are property tax and utilities.
      Happy Gardening


  3. I’m not sure I could ever live in something so small? We have/love our open space upper level which is mostly kitchen. We can and process all of our own foods (2 stoves/ovens to boot). Our place has 20 acres of which about 5 of that is growing stuffs. This also includes a 86’x30′ in-ground greenhouse for year around food. We are looking at adding a small fish pond in one corner to give us additional food and fishpoo(hee hee) for the gardens. We also have a 10’x15′ chicken barn and another main barn for our garden/lawn tractor & other stored items. We used to have goats and may again soon (miss them) so the extra barn space is a good thing. In regard to the house, we each have a bedroom (my sister and I) plus one for guests (yep we get a lot – but family/friends people) – I also have a nice size craft room, a full walk-in pantry for keeping all our food stuffs, and a special room on the SW corner of the house for other craft/garden projects (has dremels, saws, power tools, larger crafting tools & tables). this is actually attached to the house, but not hooked into the heating – does have electric. So I think I could “live” in a small house – but would have to build 2-5 extras for all our “other” things we do – LOL

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    • Grin … living smaller is not the answer for everyone. Small has advantages such as tax’s, utilities, home maintenance and cleaning! But, for active families, families with children at home and so on, small puts a real kink in your life style.
      In my post I failed to include my 24X40 foot work shop.
      Happy Gardening


  4. Interesting post. Here in the uk, I think a lot is to do with expectations. Most people in my income bracket seem to aspire to a larger detached 4 bedroom house, which cost £300k upwards even where I live where house prices are (relatively) low. I’m sticking with my small semi detached cottage, we may lack a bit of space sometimes, but if we had a bigger house we’d just have to buy more stuff from IKEA to fill it up with.

    Thanks for liking my blog

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    • Thanks for taking time to visit my humble little blog.
      £300k = $450K USD and that a bit more than the average home in my area.
      In the USA in my opinion, in the past 50 years families have become smaller(less children) and people want, not need, larger homes. Hehe I think it’s the keeping up with the Jones syndrome.
      Happy Gardening

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  5. The smaller homes and apartments show people that all that space they take up – really isn’t necessary. Wasted space and wasted money – just taking up Nature’s space to prove how arrogant they can be.

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  6. I have designed a tiny house just under 400 square feet. It has a 12×12 kitchen which I dearly want. I have some out buildings though.

    Still have to get it built. I keep making tiny changes. Mostly trying to get off grid.

    I do not want to live in a city and this is on 5 acres in the mountains. Very settled though, neighbors all along.

    Have you enjoyed your tiny house?

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    • Thanks, and good luck with your Tiny House project.
      Happy Gardening


    • I love that I am not the only person that is designing a tiny house that is mainly kitchen! When I tell people this, the think it’s insane, but really… Food prep is way more important than a large closet? How do any of these people think that living off grid is good environmentally when they have no space to cook/store food. More trips to a store/eating out seems to negate all of the attempts of reducing your carbon footprint by living tiny. Just my opinion though 🙂


    • Smiling… I in my mind I used the easy cheap common sense way. I bought a used per-build 12 X 24 building that was advertised as a storage or workshop building. I double decked the floor, raised the ceiling 1 foot, plumbing and lights, windows, doors came from habitat recycling store.
      Anyway you get the idea. Hehehe… I have two room, Bathroom and kitchen-bed-living room that also doubles as a house for 3 dogs.
      Yes I have been very happy in my tiny house. Easy to heat and cool, low utility bills, land/house is paid for. I live nicely on my meager pension.
      Happy Gardening


  7. We should have been real estate agents – then we could afford to buy in cities! This house has increased between 800% and 1000% in the 30 years we’ve been here, but wages have not! Agents percentages grow in value without their lifting a finger. Fewer houses built means those that are on the market are more expensive, but easier to sell.

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