View Out My Tiny Window

It’s on about 70 days until Spring. That’s a good thing. Caddo elect coop said that the ice and wind took down 150 poles and they had 17,500 homes and businesses without power. It may be the end of next week before power has been restored to all of it’s customers. Yuk… Real bummer for those that will be without power for 10-14 days.

Cabin Fever? I think the dogs are suffering from a bad case of cabin fever. Temp is above freezing, sun is shining and most of the ice has melted. Dogs have been out 6 hours and are still lounging around, soaking up the warmth and seem to be enjoying sunshine. As for me I will wait a day or two until the temp tops 40 degrees before I engage in any outdoor activities.

English breakfast: Food for though. Back in my younger days I was attached to a British army unit. Now I discover that according to a BBC news report the best (English)breakfast usually consist of two (fried)eggs, (fried)sausage, (fried)bacon, baked beans, (fried)tomato and (fried)bread or toast. BBC said it’s a symphony of deliciousness on a plate, enough to ward off the worst hangover and fill you up until dinnertime.
Sticker shock.. According to BBC an English breakfast can set you back £5.50 to £25.00 ($8.25 – $37.50 USD)
Grin … my doctor would have a heart attack if I told him I was eating an English breakfast every day.

Remember New Years day lunch to eat a bowl of black eyed peas, slice of cornbread topped off with a cold glass of sweet milk to be assured of a healthy and prosperous new year.

Happy and Safe New Years


8 responses to “View Out My Tiny Window

  1. funny here we eat pork and cabbage of some kind and the tradition is to hide a coin in the cabbage for the kids to find. I personally have made a change to it and this year we are having brusslesprouts and corn instead of cabbage. The little ones will like the pork roast with potatoes and home canned peaches…so every one should be happy… Have a Happy New Year!

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  2. Happy New Year – without it without your healthy lunch tomorrow.


  3. Stay safe enjoy going into 2016!!


  4. BBC are not totally reliable! Mind you, we are a house divided as to whether a ‘full English’ should include black pudding (blood sausage) and/or mushrooms. I would gladly jettison the sausage for black pudding, but unless I had a particularly heavy day ahead, such a meal would be too much these days. As a treat … I know one cardiac patient who claims to eat the full works after every consultation with his doctor, just to celebrate being alive.

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  5. Only 70 days? Is that all? 😉


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