El Niño – An Out Of Control Mean Little Kid!

Drought, brush/forest fires ravage North America’s West coast, as well as Australia South East Territory’s. Washington and Oregon states have suffered flooding. Much of the UK is knee deep to a tall Giraffe in flood waters.
December 25th and 26th tornado’s and flooding have killed as many as 20 in storms from Dallas, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia.

My Weather guy’s tell me. El Niño means The Little Boy, or Christ Child. El Niño episodes typically last nine to twelve months, but some prolonged events may last for years. While their frequency can be irregular, El Niño events occur on average every two to seven years.

That El Niño kid arrived at my Tiny Farm at 9am December 26th ending what has been a pleasant warmish Fall and early Winter. Wind has been mostly steady at about 40mph gusting to 50mph out of the north/north west for the past 20 hours. Temperatures have been dropping steadily from yesterday mornings 62 degrees to 33 degrees. Grin.. but on the upside I have received almost 1 inch of always needed rain.
Radar shows a line of freezing rain, sleet and snow about 45 miles to my west. At it’s present speed this line will hit here in about 2 hours. O-Joy! Just what I have been wishing for, an Ice and Snow storm.
My WX guy said that low temps will be in the 16 to 18 degree range for the next 7 days. YUK…

Happy New Year

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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9 responses to “El Niño – An Out Of Control Mean Little Kid!

  1. Hi,

    I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. We (South Africa) have been feeling the effects of El Niño since about September, when we started experiencing exceptional droughts. Our rainy season usually starts around September, which is Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, and lasts until about April, when fall starts to settle in.

    In Johannesburg, where I live, water restrictions have been imposed, as is the same in many other parts of South Africa. We did, however, get some rain over the last few weeks in Johannesburg and surrounds, but not enough to lift the restrictions and replenish our supplies.

    The hardest hit area is the Free State Province, which hosts many farmers. It has been turned into something short of a full blown desert with dust storms and sand as far as the eye can see becoming the norm. Many farmers have left their farms as they have run out of water and food supplies, heading for the cities where there is still something left. Cattle have become ill and farmlands are dry and barren, with no prospect of planting new crops for the next few months at least.

    Some areas have been declared disaster areas, but I think the reality of this drought will be felt over the longer future, as food supplies to the country are becoming threatened.

    It’s a much more serious situation than the media is reporting or our government wishes to admit, but we will survive. Just praying and hoping for some rain!

    PS: love your blog!

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    • Sad but true. Most market owners/operators and shoppers don’t have a clue where their food comes from or how expensive it is to produce and how small the profit margins are on produce as well as meat products.
      I will bet that when vegetable, fruit and meat shortages hit markets, it will be farmers that are blamed, not the drought!
      I hope you and the farmers get that drought busting rain very soon.
      Good luck.

      Happy New Year


  2. We are having record flooding in Missouri. Although the creek in my front yard has been higher, it is wreaking havoc in the northern counties. In the Kansas City area, which is 4.5 hours away and it is snowing. Go figure.

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  3. I hope that you are stocked up on food, candles, kerosene lamps and have a fire place or wood burning stove. Your weather sounds like what we have been having in Sweden.This morning I woke to a white out blizzard. I had not seen any weather rapports that was suppose to hit us. Boys was I surprised, when I woke up. It is gorgeous. I just came in from a short walk with my dogs. I refilled the bird feeders.

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