Perennial Garden

For the record, any seed seller that is a real force in flower and vegetable seeds has a presents on this here world wide web thing. So now days I am no longer on seed catalog(s) mailing list.

Grin… I haven’t checked with my son-n-law or daughter, but, much to their surprise, we are putting in a perennial flower plot this spring.
I have on order about 100,000 assorted wild flower seed, 20 different assorted varieties, 1,600 mixed color four O’clock seed and about 200 assorted color hollyhock seeds.

All are perennials or free re-seeders and are fairly well adapted to my hot dry summers with little or no supplemental water. I have read that most of the varieties selected will freely reseed and the flower garden plot will be self-sustaining as well as becoming larger over the years. Michelle L. is not restricted on the size of her flower garden.

I still want to locate and buy seed for some of the wild flowers of my youth. Things like Indian heads(Mexican hat), Purple cone flower, Indian paint brush(paint brush) and Indian blanket(blanket) flowers.

Between Michelle L’s bamboo experiment and her(my)(our) perennial wild flower patch this next growing season should prove to be an interesting summer.

Merry Christmas

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12 responses to “Perennial Garden

  1. I have a wildflower perennial garden and made the mistake of adding Japanese Lanterns to it. Now I spend the summers constantly weeding them out!! But I still love my garden 🙂

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    • Grin… I use the term wild flower garden very loosely. In truth the area that will be seeded is between the back of the house and the corral fence. It’s about 75 ft wide and 200+ feet long.
      I like to see thing like aggressive, may be invasive and free seeding on my seed packages. It will be very informal area that is subject to be visited by a cow, horse or donkey from time to time.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family


  2. Can’t wait to see the Wildflower seeds in bloom, I love the natural effect these patches have in the garden


  3. No sandstorm yet, thank goodness! I do love self-seeders – although the mustard is going to be chopped down next year before it flowers as I’m not too chuffed about that.

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  4. Wildflowers can get go really wild! I planted a few coneflowers a couple years ago and now they’re everywhere.

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  5. I did the wild flower thing a few years back and it was spectacular for the first year. However, they weren’t branded as “reseeding” – so it was back the following year to planting a few petunias and pansies. Your proposal sounds stunning!

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    • I have in the past planted 25 or so different flower types, but, it seems in 2 or 3 years I have about 5 that are truly suited to my weather and soil conditions. O-Well I’ll be happy with the ones that are real survives.
      Merry Christmas

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  6. Any number of times I have abstracted seed from the deepest maroon hollyhocks – either in England, Wales or France – but never have they come true. Best to give plenty of TLC to plants you really like and split them when they are big enough. They are happy to stay in the ground over winter here. BBC just promised us a rain of sand from the Sahara tomorrow – we may see red dust on car windscreens again.

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    • Sad smile… it seems that no mater what colors I plant in a few years I only have reds and pinks that have survived. I don’t know but I think many of the ‘special’ colors are hybrids and over time revert to their parents colors.

      Merry Christmas


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