Winter Monsoon Has Arrived – Sort-of!

Our Winter rain season has kicked off arriving Thanksgiving Day morning. In the past 24 hours my coffee can rain gauge has registered 1 3/8 inches of rain. Temperatures are hoovering at 34 degrees. This rain has come slowly and we have had very little if any runoff, giving my thirsty tiny garden a much need drink.

This has been a much need and beneficial rain. Most areas within a 75 mile radius of my tiny garden has registered at least 1 1/4 inch of rain.
At present the freezing line is setting about 15 miles north/northwest of my tiny garden.

The good side of this is ‘so far’ the warm soil temperature has prevented any icing on roads, bridges and power lines. However if the temperature stays below freezing a few hours this will change and icing on roads and bridges will start taking it’s toll on holiday drivers.

Yesterdays dinner came off without a hitch.
Grin… that little pig had been putting on fat for the winter. He was a fat little pig… He weighed about 20 pounds more than I had guessed. Processed he weighed close to 50-55 pounds.

Son-n-law and grandson processed him, trimmed a few pounds of fat, split him down his back making two half pig slabs of meat. One half was wrapped and put in my freezer for another cook out and the other was put on the grill and cooked/smoked(mesquite wood) for about 14 hours.
They Did Good!
Watching the cooker temperature and adding wood and charcoal as need, keeping the cooker at 200-225 degrees for the entire cooking/smoking time.

Should have but didn’t… Grand daughters turkey should have been shoved into the BBQ pit and cooked along side that fat little pig… Maybe we will do that next year.

Happy Holidays

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4 responses to “Winter Monsoon Has Arrived – Sort-of!

  1. What kind of little pig was it? I would like a pig, but not so big as the ones I saw butchered in Mexico for carnitas (deep fried in their own lard). Can you butcher a young one, does it taste the same? Thank you.

    I live in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

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    • It was a wild piglet that had been trapped in the wild. It was raised with 2 domestic pigs. He weighed about 90-100 live weight, processed weight was 50 – 55 pounds.
      We split the pig down it’s back making 2 slabs of meat (1/2) of a pig) that weighed about 25 pounds. Keep in mind you will loose another 25-30 percent of the pigs processed weight in non-eatable skin and bones. In this case skin/bone weight was about 5-7 pounds. Big Smile.. don’t forget to keep (freeze) some or all of the bones to flavor a pot of beans.

      Slow cooked cooked (Grilled) with skin on. This keeps the meat from drying out during the long slow cooking time,

      We normally try to butcher wild piglets at a much smaller size (40-50 pounds live weight) and cook them as whole pig.
      FYI a weaning pig, under normal care and proper feeding will reach 280 pounds in about 6-7 months. . Process at the size that suits your needs.

      It is unlikely that the average person can tell the difference in the meat flavor / texture of a wild pig, Duroc or Yorkshire.

      Happy Holidays

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      • Thank you,I appreciate the extra information. Maybe in a year or two I can get pigs. I added chickens, just a few laying hens. Building top bar bee hives this winter, and maybe rabbit hutches. My favorite meat is pork. As my garden grows, there is enough for all.


  2. Good to hear you had a great Thanksgiving feast and family time.


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