GM Salmon, More Consumer Bad News

GM(GMO)(GE) Salmon will not be labeled as a Genetically Modified Food Product!

Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) gives the FDA the authority to require mandatory labeling of foods if there is a material difference between a GE product and its conventional counterpart, the agency(FDA) says it is not requiring labeling of these GE fish “Because the data and information evaluated show that AquAdvantage Salmon is not materially different from other Atlantic salmon.”
Labeling GM Salmon

FDA said it will be up to the sellers of these(GM)(GE) fish to voluntarily decide whether they choose to label their product as GE.


8 responses to “GM Salmon, More Consumer Bad News

  1. Slowly they are taking the US’s rights just like Europe. But fortunately we still have somedegrtee of food control!


  2. I am not looking forward to ever eating Frankenfish. At least with farmed salmon we had the option of saying no to it and continuing to eat wild salmon, but now it looks as if these changelings are eventually going to destroy our natural salmon species in the wild as well.
    I can’t believe it is being allowed, never mind promoted!

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    • In the U.S.A. it’s a Sad day for consumers.
      FDA will not require GE/GM salmon to be labeled as such. Also “A statement of the country of origin on the labeling of imported foods is not required by the Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act.” Also I can’t find a FDA requirement to label ‘farm raised’ fish.
      So in the U.S. the only way to be fairly sure your getting ‘Natural’ not Genetically Engineered fish(salmon) is to look for a ‘Wild caught’ label.
      Happy Holidays

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  3. So bad for consumers of fish… it will not stop with salmon it will continue until we are forced to eat what ever the FDA says is good for us…

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    • U.S. FDA is telling consumers to go to hell and giving the weight of government to ‘mostly’ giant food producing cooperation’s. Money and lobbyist outweigh informing consumers.

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  4. Reblogged this on sliceofheaveninsweden and commented:
    I am speechless as I read this. Who do they think they are fooling, calling it “AquAdvantage Salmon”? It amazes me how they appeal to the consumers ego. Buy exclusive products like the Elite and feel privileged. Bottled water is also a prime example. Look where that industry ha taken us.

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