Frost On The Pumpkin

Weather man said ” frost warning has been issued for my county in southwest Oklahoma.

Today’s chores include picking the few green tomato’s still clinging to the vines. Harvesting the last of the Italian squash(Grin, some kind of zucchini).

Cleaning the hen house, setting up cold weather water containers, indoor feeders and doing a inspection for any places that need repaired to keep mice and rats out of the hen house. Mice and rats will be looking for warm dry places to live this winter and I don’t want that place to be my hen house.

I’m not a big fan of using insecticides or herbicides, but I have no problem feeding my mice and rats a belly full of ‘Just One Bite’ rat and mouse bait. I like this bait because (1) it works!! (2) it is contained in a solid water resistant bar about 1 inch square and 4 inches long. Making it easy to keep the bait contained in by homemade bait traps that are designed to keep anything larger than a rat gaining access to the poison bait.
FYI, I buy my rat bate at my local Farmers Co-Op store. It can also be found at most Farm and Ranch and livestock Feed Stores.

I have been working a bit outdoors in an effort to ready my Amateur Radio Antennas for winter so I can enjoy talking to folk almost anywhere world, places like Japan, Russia, Sweden, Europe and even Australia and sometimes New Zealand.

My new 10 meter (28.000 – 29.700 MHZ) antenna will arrive today along with 50 feet of new coax. That will be a weekend project, building and installing a new antenna pole and mounting my new antenna.
If anyone really cares, it(new antenna) is a MFJ-1790 vertical and cost shipped to my front door, $69.95.

Amateur Radio(HAM radio) is a fun hobby especially when it’s to cold, wet or snowy to be in my garden.

Yard, garden and chicken pen needs one last cleaning before the real cold weather arrives. But it has been to dry and many days to windy to burn all the trash, weeds and such that has accumulated this gardening season.
One stray spark can set a fire that burns much more than my trash pile.

Click image to zoom in
mouse bait trap

Happy Holidays

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10 responses to “Frost On The Pumpkin

  1. We have frost here, too. Glad you’re planning for it. 🙂


  2. Your frosty warning is starting to sound like this year’s Spring weather here in New Zealand!

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    • Grin…. we must be in diametrically opposed regions of the world.
      How long is your growing season, here we have 220 – 225 frost free days(about).
      Happy Holidays

      Liked by 1 person

      • The growing season is probably about six months. Plant tomatoes in Labour Weekend – which is at the end of October; and then I start lighting the fire late April/early May! But then, lots of things – turnips, carrots, peas, parsnips, chard, etc continue to grow all winter.


  3. There’s always lots to do!

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  4. And here i thought there was no kind of weather that could keep you from your garden… 😉

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