49 Egg Trick

This post has nothing to do with gardening, but, it’s one hell of a good story.

Story courtesy Fergus Anckorn(WWII POW) and pacificparatrooper blog on wordpress.com

Read more at pacificparatrooper
(WWII prison camp:)‘One day, the Japanese camp commandant said he had generals coming to visit and that he wanted me to do some magic. He asked what I would need for a trick. I requested an egg. He wrote out a chitty and told me to take it to the cook house. The cook asked me how many I wanted, so I asked for 50. I went straight back to the hut and we had a 49-egg omelette, saving just one for the trick.

At the prison camp that night I did the trick for the generals and it all went very well.

The next day I was summoned to the commandant’s hut. He was glowering. The chitty was on his desk. He said, ‘You do magic one egg. Where 49 eggs?’ I thought, in ten seconds my head will be rolling across that floor.

Out of my mouth came the words, ‘Your trick was so important to me, I was rehearsing all day.’ He nodded and let me go.
I couldn’t perform that trick again for 40 years. My knees would knock together even thinking about it.

Let’s us not forget the Worlds Greatest Generation. The men and women that put an end to WWII, took us to the moon and so much more.

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