Rumtopf (rum pot) – It’s Not To Late

Rumtopf (rum pot) is a Winter / Holiday beverage with German roots. There are many variations.
The traditional way of making this beverage starts as early as the fresh fruit are available in spring / summer and ends with the last fresh fruit in autumn.
However today you can make Rumtopf in “one easy step”, because you can get fresh fruit year round at your local supermarket.

Use any kind of fruit you like. You can use almost any fruit, but a mixture of different ones like plums, peaches, nectarines, cherries, berries, strawberries, gooseberries, cranberries, grape, figs, apples and pears work well. Large size fruit should be cut into bite size pieces. Remember the fruit will be in the Rum for a long time, so you should only select firm fruit.

Layer your fruit in a large glass or crock container. Add 1/4 cup sugar between each layer of fruit. Fill container with a white(clear) 80 to 100 proof, 40 to 50 percent alcohol Rum. Be sure to cover fruit with 1/2 to 1 inch of Rum.
Seal your Rumtopf container and store in a dark cool place for 6 or more weeks.

Check your Rumtopf weekly topping off the container with a good quality white wine or more Rum as needed to keep fruit covered with liquid.

Hint: Pitting (removing seeds) is not required, but, is helpful when serving your Rumtopf fruit on cake, pies and ice cream. Rumtopf fruit can be served chilled and topped with whip cream.

Rumtopf is an extra special after dinner drink that is commonly served during the holiday season, from mid November through New Year’s day.

FYI Your choice of alcoholic beverage is up to your own personal taste. I have German friends that may omit Rum and use Vodka, Gin or even Bourbon whiskey. Often as much as 1/4 of the liquor being white wine.
At serving time, using a mixture of 1/2 Rumtopf and 1/2 Champagne, white wine or sparkling mineral water.

Country life is a good life.

Happy Fall gardening

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5 responses to “Rumtopf (rum pot) – It’s Not To Late

  1. I’ve never heard of this, and I love rum, so this is very interesting to me!

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    • Grin … My ‘old’ I mean really old German landlady was kind enough to share with me from time to time her homemade cherry cake covered with rumtopf fruit and a glass of rumtopf on those really cold Sunday afternoons.
      Happy Gardening


  2. Sloes are a very acid wild, dark blue plum, known as blackthorn from the bark and thorns. A good hedging plant, flowers before the leaves come in spring. – I just read through this and discovered the link with the Polish word sliwa, which also refers to their plum schnapps. (Our son-in-law is Polish, so I’m trying to learn a little, v slowly) Son Harry reminded me of the time his sister made apricot brandy, excellent with home-made vanilla ice cream. Maybe she can help with gin when she calls in for a few days next week.

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  3. We asked our son if he’d like to make sloe gin – but he’s not that adventurous and we don’t drink gin. So we have a jelly that will go very well on duck, lamb, or even turkey, perhaps with a spoonful of orange juice. But your rumtopf sounds good!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog and for your comment(s).
      Sloe Gin! wow I don’t have the foggiest idea where I would even start to find the berries needed to make sloe gin.
      Grin … maybe you can borrow a neighbor’s son to pitch in a helping hand on your sloe gin project 🙂
      Happy Gardening


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