How To Turn A Healthy Salad Into A Not So Healthy Salad

salad Eating a hearty salad can flood your cells with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Until you turn it into a fat laden salad covered with a bunch of sneaky toppings that sabotage it’s nutritional value.

Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT, Plant-Based Dietitian said “if you have a sweet tooth, it’s easy to think dried fruit will both satisfy you while providing nutrition. You should skip the Craisins or mango strips. Dried fruit looses its water and turns calorie dense in the dehydrating process. It (dry fruit) also often contains added oils and sugars.”

Hint: Add sweetness in your salad, try using fresh grapes, apples, or blueberries for a fiber punch with less sugar. All fresh fruit from everyday oranges to tropical pineapple are welcome additions to salads since they’re plentiful in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

If you think a sprinkling of salted nuts are fair game to swirl into your nutritious salad, but think again. These are also typically roasted in unhealthy fats which are terrible for your heart and body. Plus, they are way higher in fat and calories and the excess sodium they provide is terrible for blood pressure.

Fat free salad dressing should be renamed, ‘high sugar dressing.’ Also most of these dressings are usually loaded with other chemicals and don’t even taste that good.

Creamy salad dressings are often loaded in unhealthy saturated fats and calories. They also contain many chemical ingredients, sugars and additives which can turn your healthy salad into a completely unhealthy.

Hint: Make your own homemade salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil that are heart healthy, great for your body and help absorb those precious nutrients vegetables provide.

Your eyes may be begging for a handful of croutons to top your salad, but doing so won’t do much for its nutritional prowess. While they may provide a satisfying crunch, the croutons you buy at stores are basically empty calories with no added health benefits.

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9 responses to “How To Turn A Healthy Salad Into A Not So Healthy Salad

  1. I love nice light salads but somedays I just have to douse it in my favorite homemade ranch dressing!

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  2. My morning muesli if full of “healthy” roasted nuts and dried fruit. 😦 It really amounts to false advertising.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grin … My morning ‘muesli’ comes out of a Quaker oatmeal box. 🙂 with a bit of honey to fool me into thinking it’s better tasting than oatmeal really is.

      Happy gardening


  3. Wouldn’t you know it – I’m eating a salad at the moment. It does have fresh fruit on top, but also almonds – so – no good?

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  4. Keep the sugar related posts coming! I did a sugar free challenge back in May and feel like I have seen the light. Its scary how sugar is sneaked by manufacturers into so many foods to make them taste ‘nicer’. I pretty much only go to 25% of the aisles since I did a ‘sugar free challenge’ back in May. Obviously the easiest way to avoid is to cook from stratch, but that’s not always possible so I keep a close eye on labels. Fat has got such a bad press, whereas sugar is the greater problem. I used to do Weight Watchers, but now realise that all the low fat foods (including salad dressings) have sugar in them – which make one hungrier overall – sneaky! For salad dressing I have been buying basil infused olive oil.

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    • The good news is: after we do our homework and find the (brand name) food products that are low or no sugar / salt added shopping is fast and easy.

      Salt and sugar is added to many products as ‘taste’ enhancers. Sometimes they are almost impossible to avoid.

      Happy sugar/salt free shopping


  5. That is a beautiful salad.

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