Kids + Sugar Sweet Drinks = High Cholesterol

Children who had a lower consumption level of sugary beverages was linked with an increase of “good cholesterol” over a 12 month period.

In adults studies there is substantial evidence ties high sugar intake to increased triglycerides and decreased good cholesterol. But the link had not been investigated in a racially diverse sample of U.S. school children.

Studies of adults have linked higher consumption of sugary beverages with higher risk of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and stroke, so reducing consumption in adults may be beneficial

Lower diet quality is a modifiable risk factor for disease, which means that dietary intake is something parents could help their children (or adolescent) change for the better. Thus, it seems important for parents to help children minimize, or replace, (sugary beverages) with more healthful, nutrient-dense beverages, as well as aim for improved diet quality overall, to help set children and adolescents on a track for a healthier life.

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2 responses to “Kids + Sugar Sweet Drinks = High Cholesterol

  1. Sugar = damage = build up of ‘bad’ cholesterol = build up of ‘good’ cholesterol to sweep up. If the damage is continual, repeated and intense, the high cholesterol stays high causing problems with heart and artery disease and even trike issues later on.
    It’s why smokers and meat eaters and high sugar in takers are all more prone to these.


  2. The high sugar causes damage that the body ‘patches’ by calling for more cholesterol to be produced in the pancreas. (Yup, 85% of all the cholesterol in your bloodstream is produced by your own body)
    The ‘patches’ are the ‘ldl’ that build up in your arteries over long term damage. The ‘hdl’ cholesterol us the ‘cleanup crew’ that normally has the ability to sweep out the patches after their work of covering the damage till its healed, but when the damages are more long term and heavier, they don’t have the time to do their job. And the ‘ldl’ patches build up, the blood cholesterol builds up and then your headed for problems in the future.


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