Lost Chicks – Big Porch, Tiny Chicks

bantam chicks Not the smartest thing I have done this century. In self defense, it has been 4 years sense I have raised Bantam chickens.

Michelle L. grin … volunteered to stop by our local farm store and pick-up 10 assorted straight run Bantam chicks for me. Hehehe, it’s time for farmer store to clear out their poultry young-ens. Before the first cool fall and cold winter weather arrives.

Being the chicken expert that I am. I can tell you with 100% confidence that I have 4 yellow ones, 2 grayest chicks and 4 of assorted brown and yellow markings as well as 5 (I think) have feathered feet.

In O-I forgot mode, I setup an old rabbit cage to use as my brooder. Heat lamp [ok] Feeders [ok], self-watering containers [ok]. Wow … that was easy. Ready for the chicks to arrive.

Michelle L. chicks and 50# bag of egg crumbles are here. Chicks into the brooder, checking each chicks butt for crusting, dipping each chicks beak into the water(that is to show these not so bright birds) where the water contained is located. Job almost done, only leaving me to adjust the heat lamp to achieve a nice toasty 99%F at 2 inches above the brooder floor.

Don’t laugh.. Using my blender I ground up a few cups of egg crumbles to fill my 2 feeders.
Hint: Grinding egg crumbles for standard size chicks(chickens) is not necessary.
Mmmmm being frugal, not cheap, I want pay the same price for a 5# bag of ‘chick starter’ as I pay for a 50# bag of egg crumbles.
After all the hype on the bag, the real difference in chick starter and egg crumbles is the medication added to starter mix.
If you buy healthy chicks, keep your chicks and their brooder clean. Provide clean water and fresh clean feed daily ‘In My Humble Opinion’ and 60 years of raising chickens, man made medications are not needed.
Do your part and it is seldom you will have a sick chick.

Project complete. All I need do now is feed and water them a couple of times each day.
Wrong answer! Brooder ‘rabbit cage’ is setting on my chest deep freezer in an enclosed porch. Eeeek… I left the door open, did a snake find and devour my 4 missing chicks?
Did you notice when I said I was in I forgot mode?
Bet you didn’t know that 1 or 2 day old Bantam chicks can walk through the wire of a cage constructed out of 1X2 inch welded wire.

In a slight panic I’m looking around and under everything on the porch, but no chicks are to be found. Calling in better eyes and someone that has less trouble looking under shelf’s, deep freezer Michelle L. to my rescue.

That did not workout well at all. 30 minutes into our combined search, Grin… Michelle L. found my AWOL(Absent Without Leave) chicks. It seems they walked off the top of my deep freezer and safely landed in an open bag of egg crumbles.

Card board has been cut, fitted and duct taped to the inside of my brooder. Problem Fixed.

Life in the country is good.

Happy Fall gardening

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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5 responses to “Lost Chicks – Big Porch, Tiny Chicks

  1. Cute story, lots of work to keep you busy!!


  2. I wish I could have seen a video of the chicks making their escape.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love bantum chicks….we always thought the new hatched Chicks look a little like bummbel bees walking through the yard

    Liked by 1 person

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