Roosters – Toads And Crickets

I love being an early riser.
4am, windows are open and I feel the cool early morning air creeping across my bear feet. I can smell the honeysuckle near my back gate.
Rooster has decided it is time for his hens to go to work. Crowing at about 45 second intervals.
Far in the distance I hear the alpha male coyote calling his pack home before first light. If I listen very carefully I hear the high pitched yelps of the pack members as they meet and greet those that they have been separated from during a long night’s hunt.

I sometimes hear Jack D. Ass Smile(some even call him a donkey), calling out to his friends across the west fence. Wherever they may be, they answer Jacks call.

Pork chop and short rib work in rhythm, opening and slamming shut lids to their (self) feeded. Flip, flap, flip, flap.

Day time temperatures are still holding, 95-103 degrees. But, the smell of Fall is on the morning breeze.

Grin … Country life is a good life.

Happy Fall gardening

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10 responses to “Roosters – Toads And Crickets

  1. Not nearly as hot here but summer is still holding on. I love the night sounds best of all!


  2. I so appreciate the sounds of our country life as well. The crickets, birds, hoot and screech owls, the coyote packs howling during the night with the yip yap of the babies, the sound of the horses blowing their nostrils while eating hay, the goats making low bahing sounds, and our rooster waking up around 4:00 a.m. here as well.

    It was a chilly week here with highs in the low 70’s and into the low 50’s at night but next week we have a week of 80 degree temps coming back. Life is good in the country!

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    • It is a truly sad that in America there are millions of our young people that have never seen a moon / sun rise or set without it being obstructed by air haze or unsightly tall buildings.

      Happy Fall Gardening


  3. Yesterday, even in the city I looked up and saw a buzzard soaring. No wonder the magpies were chattering!


  4. A wonderful capturing of the early morning. I love the early mornings. I feel like I’m getting life for free while everyone else still sleeps. And it’s a wonderful time to garden. Here in New Zealand it doesn’t get so hot during the day, but the early mornings are still the greatest time of peace!


  5. Morning is the best part of the day!

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  6. We hear the same thing here in North East Georgia, I have two roosters that start crowing at 4:45 AM every morning. Sure looking forward to Fall and the temperatures dropping back into the eighty’s. Very Fall like weather this morning 63 felted wonderful but short lived will be back in the 90’s by Friday. Ellen from Georgia

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    • Grin … this morning it was 73 headed for 101 by 5pm.
      We don’t have much of a Fall or Spring. Both often last only about 2 weeks. Hehehe we go from winter to summer in 2 weeks and the same in the Fall.
      Happy Gardening


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