The World From My Back Porch

chester pig Mr. York(shire) pig proudly wearing his blue ribbon, grunting and laughing remarks to Mrs. (chester)White pig. (They are cell mates at the County Fall Fair.) Look, Look.. we are healthier, leaner and in better physical condition that 60 percent of America’s adults and children.

Am I still on planet Earth? Or did I wake up on Venus?
Anna Hart, The Telegraph Wrote “I’m now happy to hear that half of 18-24 year olds confidently say they are neither straight nor gay, but somewhere in between.”

Summer will soon come to an end. have fun and enjoy our cooling weather and Soon to be seen, Fall Colors.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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5 responses to “The World From My Back Porch

  1. Mostly you will see chesterwhites and yorkshires, they are lean white skinned pigs market ready in 6-7 months at 280-300 pounds(127-136Kg)
    I currently have 1 durock, 1 chester white and 2 wild pigs that were trapped as piglets by a hunter friend.
    Happy gardening


  2. And do you have Tamworth, or Saddleback, or Gloucester Old Spot pigs in America? Lovely meat, if allowed to grow on longer than most farmers let them.

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  3. But what I really want to know is do pigs really smell as bad as people say they do.

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    • Pig pens can smell, however if so, it’s the owners fault for not removing pig dung daily. Also pigs can’t sweat, so to keep cool in hot weather they ‘Must’ access to (1) a over head water misting system, (2) a shallow clean water pool, (3) a mud pig wallow, and a mud wallow will always stink very badly.
      Pig houses/barns that are cleaned daily will smell no worse than a dairy milking barn.
      Happy gardening

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