Almond Milk – Not What You Think

Source Drink Almond Milk? You Need to Read This
Howard Waxman, a market research analyst at Packaged Facts said “almond milk is considered an outlier that became mainstream because more and more consumers are moving “off the grid.”

Almond milk is being marketed as a healthy premium product because it is made from almonds, when the real truth is it barely contains any almonds. This product is really developed from thickening agents to create a milk like substitute that tastes very much like milk. The wrongdoing is really hitting home on a large scale.”

The success of almond milk rests heavily on its health appeal to consumers.
Tracy Albert and Dimitrios Malaxianis are suing two of the largest almond milk producers in the U.S., Blue Diamond, and WhiteWave which make Silk and So Delicious, for improperly labeling their almond milk.

Albert is urging these corporations to come clean. She wants them to disclose on their packaging and websites that the products contain only 2% almonds, and remove all favorable health claims.

WhiteWave said they believe their labels are fully compliant and not misleading at all.
“We think consumers know what they are getting when they buy almond milk.
If these companies beleive thay are not misleading the consumer.
Label the product trufully.
CONTAINS 2 Percent Almonds

Let the consumer decide if your product is healthy or even fit for human consumption.

Think healthy Before you snack.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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6 responses to “Almond Milk – Not What You Think

  1. very interesting what these companies get away with!


  2. I’d better tell my sister about this. She drinks it because she thinks it’s healthier than regular milk.

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