Sweet Apples – Vinegar Or Really Bad Wine?

Don’t think that I don’t know that August – October is the time of the year that Fruit trees and even some Berry plants give up their bounty.

In my own defence, I live on the dividing line of the Tall grass and the Short grass prairies. What that really means is, we are not well suited to growing fruit trees or berry vines. Soil type, rain fall and temperatures are not in our favor in producing fruit.

With that said, I do often forget about all the people that can grow fruit and berries.

Today I read a blog I follow and I want to pass the information on to all the DIYers.
West Virginia Mountain Mama Has a very good, detailed, informative posting about Do It Yourself, Homemade Apple Vinegar.

With my limited knowledge about making vinegar, I defer all your comments and questions to West Virginia Mountain Mama

General Canning Information

Temperatures for Food Preservation

Temperature(s) Effect
240 to 250°F Canning temperatures for low acid vegetables, meat, and poultry in a pressure canner.
212°F Temperature water boils at sea level. Canning temperature for acid fruits, tomatoes, pickles, and jellied products in a boiling-water canner.
180 to 250°F Canning temperatures are used to destroy most bacteria, yeasts, and molds in acid foods. Time required to kill these decreases as temperatures increase.
140 to 165°F Warming temperatures prevent growth, but may allow survival of some microorganisms.
40 to 140°F DANGER ZONE. Temperatures between 40°F – 140°F allow rapid growth of bacteria, yeast, and molds.
95°F Maximum storage temperature for canned foods.
50 to 70°F Best storage temperatures for canned and dried foods.
32°F Temperature water freezes.
32 to 40°F Cold temperatures permit slow growth of some bacteria, yeasts, and molds.
-10 to 32°F Freezing temperatures stop growth of microorganisms, but may allow some to survive.
0 to -10°F Best storage temperatures for frozen foods.

Health warning:Foods processed in a boiling water bath will NEVER exceed 212 degrees. To achieve higher canning temperatures you must use a Pressure Canner.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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3 responses to “Sweet Apples – Vinegar Or Really Bad Wine?

  1. It’s almost apple season here but we use our skins (leftover from making a years supply of applesauce and apple pies) to make apple juice. My kids love it homemade!

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  2. Thanks so much for the reblog….glad you liked it


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