John Deere MX6 Shedder(Brush Hog) Repair Project

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Homemade Jelly and Jam, Wow Something new, well it’s new to me. Clear Jel seems to work much better than Sure Jel and is easy to use, no fuss, no muss. Homemade jelly or jam – Clear Jel may be a real problem solver.

I have arrived at the age that I no longer sleep a full 8 hours. Now days I get my 8 hours evenly divided into 3 sleep shifts..
3am this morning I’m up grazing in the icebox(refrigerator if your under 60) for a snack. I found 5 slices of bacon, 1 large tomato and the heels left over from my last loaf of bread. Hehe… Bacon and tomato sandwich it is.
I consider this a breakeven meal. A big pile of good for you tomato slices and a pile of not so good for you fried bacon. Good or bad it was just what the doctor ordered for a morning wake me up.

Ronny, grandson and I finished replacing the drive shaft bearing on his John Deere MX6 shredder(brush hog). JD wanted $56.00 for the bearing but after a bit of searching we found one delivered to the front door for $21.00.
A pair of new cutter blades from JD was a little over $100.00.
I lucked out and found a pair at my local salvage yard in need of re-sharping for $15.00. Grin.. good for me bad for the tax payers, state highway department replaces mower/shredder blades every 6 months, no matter what condition the blades are in.

I have carefully gone over the shredder deck and re-welded a few cracked weld joints as well as patching/welding a few cracks in the sheet metal deck.
New gear grease (85-140 gear) oil in the gear box, drive shaft U-joints, rear carrier wheel and bushing greased. Now if the tractor doesn’t break down we are good to finish up this summers mowing projects.

We sold off 6 longhorn cows late last winter, this has allowed the pastures to recover somewhat from the past 5 year dry spell.
If we continue to return to our normal rain pattern it will still take 1 or maybe even two years more for the pastures to fully recover.
Early in February 2016 I will have my local farmers coop spread about 4 or 5 tons of NPK 10-10-10 fertilizer on our pastures. That will jump start the grass on next years growth.

I really should fertilize every spring, but the truth is I just can’t afford to spend $1,600.00 every year on fertilizer.

Think Fall garden. It’s still not to late to plant a lot of the cool weather crops.

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