Scotland Bans Growing GM Crops

Source Scotland is to ban the growing of genetically modified crops

I hope this is a sign governments are coming to their senses and Crops, Fish, Livestock and Poultry will be spared from the Genetic Modifying scientist butchers knife.

Scotland was known around the world for its “beautiful natural environment” and banning the growing of genetically modified crops would protect and further enhance its “clean, green status”.

Richard Lochhead said “There is no evidence of significant demand for GM products by Scottish consumers and I am concerned that allowing GM crops to be grown in Scotland would damage our clean and green brand, thereby gambling with the future of our £14bn ($21bn) food and drink sector.”

Scottish food and drink is valued at home and abroad for its natural, high quality which often attracts a premium price, and I have heard directly from food and drink producers in other countries that are ditching GM because of a consumer backlash.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Happy Summer Gardening.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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5 responses to “Scotland Bans Growing GM Crops

  1. GMO has nothing to do with loss of plant/animal species.

    These are ignorant talking points.


  2. I didn’t see any propaganda, just reporting the news.


  3. A friend of mine said her garden was ruined after she planted the GM corn, so I can only say, “Good for Scotland for taking a stand against tinkering with nature.”


  4. I’ve been following your blog for a while – it’s sad to me that you’ve fallen for all this silly propaganda.

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    • Thanks for dropping by my tiny blog.

      Please, just what propaganda are you referring?
      The Pro-GM propaganda?
      The Anti-GM propaganda?

      My biggest concern is the lost of both plant and animal varieties/species that have been proven to be renewable resources. The GM/GMO/GEO folk have not convinced me that they are the ‘Best’ way for the planet to proceed.

      Happy gardening


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