Soybean Oil May Be Killing You And Your Family

Source Soybean oil, science now shows is worse than sugar

Poonamjot Deol, Ph.D., a cell biologist at the University of California said “Mice who ate the soybean oil diet without fructose gained the most weight, 9 percent more than the fructose eating mice and a whopping 25 percent more than the mice who got their fat from coconut oil. Compared to their fructose eating counterparts, the mice on the soybean oil diet also had fattier livers and more insulin resistance, both signs of impending diabetes and metabolic syndrome.”

We’ve actually tested corn oil, and we found that it was also causing more obesity than coconut oil, but not as much as soybean oil. We haven’t tested canola yet.

Soybean oil is supposed to be healthy. It is everywhere. A full half of all the vegetable oil produced in the world is soybean oil. And since it’s cheap, the stuff is used in endless packaged foods. It’s also a favorite at restaurants.

Deol said “It’s so prevalent in our food system. If something says vegetable oil, it’s most likely soybean oil, or soybean oil is a component.”


13 responses to “Soybean Oil May Be Killing You And Your Family

  1. I think a lot of vegetable oil in the UK could be palm oil as well… In any case, I try to make my own food as much as possible to avoid all the extras I don’t want. Good to know, anyway 🙂

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    • I’m no scientist nor am I a consumer products expert, but it seems to me soy oil is often found in things like store bought salad dressings and mayonnaise.
      Grin … I only use olive oil and red wine vinegar..
      It is always a good idea to read the ingredients list on all processed food products.
      Happy gardening


      • The ingredients list often fails to specify particular oil, as you mention. But as I don’t buy salad dressings, mayonnaise etc, I’m in the clear there 😉


  2. very interesting. I normally use grapeseed or olive oil. Hope they don’t find anything bad in those in the long run!!


  3. Seems if you just wait around long enough everything “new” to eat is bad for you. Seems like eating the “olde tyme” favorites are the best way to go.

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    • Big smile … Alcohol to Zucchini, all things in moderation.

      happy gardening


    • Grin … that soybean thing was a news service headline. However I have since ask around and have not found a single person that cooks with soy oil. So it would seem that the headline hype is just that mostly hype. Soy oil is in fact used in many products, but in my unscientific opinion, much less of a health issue than the way it was hyped by the BBC reporter.

      Happy Gardening


  4. I’m running out of things to eat!

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  5. I read this on a news website and wondered what they were going to say after they test canola. It almost looks like we might have to go back and cook everything in animal lard the way our ancestors of the frontier did. We have always been wondering why they were so much thinner, but everyone told us it is because we don’t work as hard. I guess if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger, Good post.

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