Lamb That Glows In The Dark(GMO) Sold For Human Consumption

A genetically modified research lamb bred to have the DNA of a jellyfish was sold to a slaughterhouse

According to ABC News, “The lamb was born to a genetically modified ewe that had a gene derived from jellyfish, resulting in a ‘green fluorescent protein’ that makes certain cells florescent.

The incident is believed to have been a deliberate and malicious act resulting from tensions among the staff.

Note: This occurred in France. However it clearly demonstrates the dangers involved in controlling GMO’s.

Send a loud NO message to companies that are involved in Genetic Modification of plants and animals.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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4 responses to “Lamb That Glows In The Dark(GMO) Sold For Human Consumption

  1. The whole GM is terrifying, they seem to be doing things just because they can, not because they need to.

    GM ingredients are creeping in here in the UK, we do our best to avoid them.

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    • We can’t stop progress, well I guess it’s progress. But, they need strict guide lines (regulations) on not using human genes in the experiments and just how and where the experiments are stored / disposed of.

      Yes it is near impossible to avoid genetically modified (GM) and genetically engineered((GE) products.
      If you eat corn/corn products, soy products, corn oil/canola oil, golden rice, and many other food crops, you are eating a GM product.

      Happy Gardening


  2. You kidding, right? Seriously? And their argument is that they are saving the world. But I have been reading lately about buying only organic seeds, because seeds that are coated with grow-chemical, anti-mold and pesticide can have that chemical become systemic to the plant, flowers and fruit. And can kill natives pollinators.

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    • Not kidding, this glow in the dark GMO lamb info was extracted from an ABC news report.

      Fungicides treated seed has been around for at least 70 years maybe longer. Pesticide treated seed has never been real common or popular with farmers. It can be damaging to the soil and farmers, believe it or not, try not to do things that they know can damage their farm soil.
      Grin … many farmers pay bee keepers to place hives near their crop fields to aid in crop pollination.
      Farmers are in a catch 22 situation. Many pollinators when in their larva stage damage crops. So the question is always at what population do I need to spray to kill larva and still maintain a viable population of adult insect pollinators.

      Happy safe gardening

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