11 AM And It’s Already 94 Degrees

So, summer finely arrived. May 30 the cool wet month ended for me, sun came out and temperatures that have been holding mostly in the high 70’s jumped to the mid / high 90’s. 10 days of dry weather and 95+ degree temperatures are beating up my tender summer squash and cucumber vines. Two have died and the others don’t look all that good either.

It’s not from a lack on moisture. It’s a simple fact my vines have not had time to acclimate to the higher temperatures.

Now my If Anyone Cares Report. Wheat crops are ready to be combined, however many fields are still to wet to support the weight of combines. Wet windy conditions in late May has caused a great deal of the wheat to fall. It is what farmers call lodging and make it difficult or impossible for the combine headers to get the lodged wheat off the ground.

What looked like a bumper crop 45 days ago now looks average or even in many fields below average yields. Yields and quality will quickly go south. Everyday of delayed harvest is dollars lost, taken out of struggling farmers pockets.

Drying and warm weather is helping the cattle producers get foot rot problems under control. Cattle that must stand in cool wet soils are in danger of developing this bacterial disease.

I’m off to the pond. Time for grand pa and great grand pa to spend some time entertaining grand / great grand sons.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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8 responses to “11 AM And It’s Already 94 Degrees

  1. I care! Always interested to hear how other people garden/farm in other countries.


  2. From too dry to too wet. When do we all get our happy medium. Enjoy the little ones.

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  3. ugh…so not a heat person here don’t know how you handle it

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  4. Put your feet in the water and keep cool.

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