Happy Days – My Garden Weeds Are Getting Sick

grape vine 2015 In Southwest Oklahoma it mostly stopped raining May of 2008. I think our long running dry spell has been sent into the history books. So far this month my tiny garden has received more than 15 inches(380mm) of rain. Another storm pasted over head last evening dumping 3/4 of an inch in less than 30 minutes.

The garden seed people are loving the thunder storm. Every time I plant squash and cucumbers it comes a hard rain and washes my seed out of the ground. I’m getting a lot of experience in planting / replanting garden seed.

If I can get a full day of sunshine I will re-re-replant squash and cucumbers. Maybe it will dry out enough before the forecast weekend thunder storms arrive to replant my okra patch as well.
It may even get dry enough that I can hoe a few of my unwanted plants like johnson grass!

Grin … one good side benefit of all this May rain is it is killing many of the weeds that have taken up home in my garden plot. It seems that careless weeds(pig weed), bind weed(wild morning glory) and henbit do not like their roots setting in water or really wet soil. However, ragweed doesn’t seem to be effected by the wet soils.

Grape vine update, All three vines have leafed out and are sending out runners. At this rate I will need to get my trellis up this summer to start training my vines.

corn may 2015 Corn is setting ears, but, the rain keeps washing away my fertilizer applications faster than I can apply the fertilized. FYI – I’m using a NPK, 13-13-13 shotgun blast approach. Clay soil is generally low in nitrogen. That’s the reason for the 13 percent nitrogen content approach to amending garden fertility.

Tomato’s are not looking well. Roots have been setting in wet soil and they are beginning to really suffer.
Onions still in the ground have started to rot and I have decided to plant more pumpkins in the area now taken up by my failing onion crop.

As a side note. I have noticed the my hens and pullets have started growing web feet.

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19 responses to “Happy Days – My Garden Weeds Are Getting Sick

  1. I wondered whether the swirling green-yellow-red regions of the NOAA map were getting up your way. Happy weeding.

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    • I hope this is not a repeat of 2008. We have had a wet spring, but the last day of May it stopped raining the same as 2008 and didn’t rain again until the last week of November.

      Happy Gardening


  2. I want photos of those hens with webbed feet… we could make a million… hehehe . You must have sent the rain this way It is suppose to start tonight and last 4 or 5 days.

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    • Grin … wink … there is not much of a market for chicken feet webbed or other wise. However me and Jack Daniel’s are working on a market busting chicken with 6 drum sticks… 🙂

      happy gardening

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  3. Robinne Weiss

    I once had to construct a long boardwalk for my chickens–out of the elevated coop and 50 metres across the flooded yard to the only dry spot so they weren’t stuck inside the coop for two weeks while the water went down. That was the same year we were stuck at home because the driveway was under 51 cm of water! But I learn to appreciate the rain when we get it, because like as not, we won’t have it when I really need it.

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  4. Poor hens! Had smaller scale problem to you. Just planted tomato plants. Heavy rain and hail storm destroyed them. Grrr.

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  5. Ha ha about the web feet!

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  6. Glad to hear the drought has broken but sounds like the year in Broken Hill when, after a prolonged drought, all our grapes were covered in mould. Hope you salvage something!

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    • I fear that with the wet weather I very well may lead to fungus infection(s) on grape vines as well as cucumber, squash and pumpkin vines.
      I do have a fungicide and am prepared to treat my plants if needed.

      Happy Gardening


  7. hmmm – maybe these rains are also a good argument for raised beds ! 😉

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    • Big smile… I had some small raised beds in the past. 😦 I could not keep them ‘wet’ enough that my plants did not suffer.

      I whine a lot about the weather, but the truth is, better to replant because rain washed the seed out than have no crop because the dry weather and heat evaporates tap / well water faster than I can put it down. Besides, rain is free, pumped water is expensive to use watering a home garden.

      Happy Gardening

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  8. I’m glad that you have not been flooded out. Will


  9. It just never ends with gardening does it! I lost a few things to an unexpected frost last week! Frustrating!!!! Good luck with your re-re-replant!!


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