Build A Cold Frame – An Easy Summer Project

cold frames and hotbeds Yes I do know (I do have a calendar) it’s still late spring time in North America. Now is a good time to undertake a easy useful summer project. It’s time to be building your cold frame(s) and hotbed(s) to extend your gardening season well into the winter months. Extension Horticulture Specialist, Virginia Tech get the most out of a garden, you can extend the growing season by sheltering plants from cold weather both in early spring and during the fall.
University of Missouri Department of Horticulture Building and Using Hotbeds and Cold frames.
Even a small cold frame or hotbed can provide your family with a lot of fresh healthy salad greens and cooking herbs this winter. There’s something magical about the taste of your own fresh home grown salad.

My 10 gallon $13 dollar {new from that big mart store}, fish tank that I use to grown Basil and Rosemary are doing very well. Oregano is not doing that well, it’s still struggling (may need to let the soil dry out a bit) to adapt to it’s terrarium environment.

I removed the 2 small heat producing incandescent bulbs from an old fish tank top and fitted it with two 13 watt compact florescent lights. This has really benefited my Basil and Rosemary. como-cafe Each time a need a bit of herbs I carefully trim what I need off the top of my plants. I get fresh herbs and the plants remain compact and put out more bush like growth. My herb terrarium is pleasant to look at, provides fresh herbs for cooking and when I brush my hand across the basil, it’s wonderful aroma takes me back to the warm summer evenings I spent in Como and Milano, Italy as a ‘younger man’.

Detail Construction Plans to build your Cold Frame or Hotbed.

Why is common sense So uncommon?
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4 responses to “Build A Cold Frame – An Easy Summer Project

  1. What kind of rosemary are you growing? Ours grows into big bushes that would fill a VW van – but you fit yours in a 10 gal fish tank – and it shares the space?!


    • I don’t know the seed pack just said ‘Rosemary’
      Buy, I live with 3 dogs, they don’t care all that much for rosemary,
      The reason my rosemary stays small is I trim it often and plant new seed when they start out growing my fish tank. I have 2 plants in the tank.

      Happy Herb Gardening


  2. Great imagery of the smell of basil. Good ideas too. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Would love to live on the 3rd floor of that building. We were supposed to get a cold frame built this spring, but we never did get around to it. Thanks for the reminder to get it done for the fall!


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