Then It Rained

I have been whining for the past 5 or is it 6 years about this long running dry spell.

Well it’s not so dry now. In the past 14 days my tiny garden has received more than 10 inches(250mm) of rain. With more possibly much more forecast to arrive in the next 5 – 7 days.

This evening I got another 3 inches(75mm) of rain. The soil is so wet now that every drop of rain that falls is running off. Headed for the Red River and finely into the Gulf of Mexico.

I’ll bet that I get to re-plant squash, cucumbers and okra ‘Again’.
Looking out my tiny window I could see the 20 acres around me was covered with 2 or maybe 2 1/2 inches of water moving west to the usually dry wash. Mmmm that’s over 54 thousand of gallons per-acre of water draining into the Red River.

The following 3 pictures were taken from about the same place looking north from my tiny back door.


Summer 2014


Winter 2014


Spring 2015


8 responses to “Then It Rained

  1. Glad the drought appears broken.


  2. so are you happy or sad.. friends and family in Colorado are flooding and they had the worst flood in a hundred years in my home town this time last year…. so no fun to wait and watch the rain but maybe a blessing for the cattle and wheat industries.


    • Grin … me farmers and ranchers are not complaining about our wet month of May. A few country roads and bridges have washed out, but, that just comes with living in the country.
      There are a good number of homes and some businesses are flooded. However those that are flooded did stupid things and build in what was known to be flood planes. I find it hard to feel sorry for ignorant people.

      Happy gardening

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  3. Glad you got some rain finally.


  4. gaiainaction

    Gosh yes here also very wet, but it looks as if weather is going to improve in the next few days!


  5. Whine away and wine away! Extremes of both weather are frustrating!


  6. nice lake you’ve got there.


  7. Happy for you and the plants.


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