Stroll Down Memory Lane

In 1938, Congress passed the Wages and Hours Act which set minimum wage at $.25 per hour for workers engaged in interstate commerce.
1950 the wage was increased to $.75. Workers made from $30.00 to $36.00 dollars a week ‘Before’ tax deductions!

1950 Food Cost These are some of the things you may have seen advertised and how much food and groceries cost in the 1950’s.
This list contains, product, price, quantity and state this price was came from based on old news paper advertising.

American Cheese 45 cents per pound New Hampshire 1950
Apples 39 cents for 2 pounds Florida 1952
Bananas 27 cents for 2 pounds Ohio 1957
Box of Chocolates $1.86 for 1lb Florida 1955
Cabbage 6 cents per pound New Hampshire 1950
Campbell’s Tomato Soup 10 cents Ohio 1957
Carnation Milk Can 14 cents Ohio 1957
Chickens 43 cents per pound New Hampshire 1950
Chuck Roast 59 cents per pound Florida 1952
Coffee 37 cents 1 pound Florida 1952
Cream Corn 3 cans for 38 cents California 1959
Eggs 79 cents for a dozen New Jersey 1956
Family Style Loaf of bread 12 cents Florida 1952
Frozen Chicken Pie 19 cents Ohio 1957
Frozen green Beans 24 cents per 1/2 pound New Hampshire 1950
Gerbers Baby Foods 10 cents California 1959
Grape Jelly 19 cents Ohio 1957
grapefruit 25 cents for 6 Florida 1952
Hamburger meat 89 cents for 3 pounds Ohio 1957
Heinz Cream of Tomato 25 cents for 2 cans Tennessee 1952
Hunts Fruit Cocktail 23 cents per can Ohio 1957
Hunts Tomato Juice 15 cents California 1959
Jiffy Cake Mix 10 cents Ohio 1957
Juicy Oranges 69 cents for 2 dozen New Hampshire 1950
Kelloggs Shreaded Wheat 18 cents Ohio 1957
Kraft Cheese Slices 29 cents pk New Hampshire 1950
Potatoes 10 lb bag 35 cents Kansas 1953
Porterhouse Steak 95 cents lb Maine 1950
Lamb Chops 49 Cents per pound New Hampshire 1950
Large Eggs 49 cents per dozen New Hampshire 1950
Lettuce 25 cents for 2 heads Florida 1952
Lux Flakes 27 cents per pk Florida 1952
Margarine 19 cents 1 pound Florida 1952
Maxwell House Instant Coffee $1.19 Ohio 1957
Miracle Whip 55 cents New Jersey 1956
Mushrooms 49 cents per pound New Hampshire 1950
Onions 15 cents for 5 pounds New Hampshire 1950
Palmolive 3 for 21 cents Florida 1952
Peanut butter 29 cents Florida 1952
Perch 49 cents per pound Ohio 1957
Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls 23 cents Ohio 1957
Pineapple 25 cents each New Hampshire 1950
Pork and Beans 25 cents for 3 cans Florida 1952
Pork Roast 39 cents per pound Florida 1952
Potatoes 35 cents for 5 pounds New Hampshire 1950
Rib Roast 29 cents per pound Wisconsin 1954
Ritz Crackers 32 cents New Hampshire 1950
Sirloin Steak 55 cents per pound Florida 1952
Sliced bacon 35 cents per pound New Hampshire 1950
Sugar 43 cents for 5 pounds Florida 1952
T Bone Steak 59 cents per pound New Hampshire 1950
Tide Powder 67 cents Giant pack Florida 1952
Tooth Paste 29 cents New Jersey 1956
Toilet Tissue 5 cents New Hampshire 1950
Turkeys 49 Cents per pound New Hampshire 1950

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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7 responses to “Stroll Down Memory Lane

  1. I remember my parents being appalled when the price of eggs went over .75 cents per dozen at our grocery store so we bought them from a local farmer for $.50 as they refused to pay that extra quarter and we had to walk about a mile to go pick them up every week for my mom.

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  2. interesting… seems chocolate has gotten cheaper

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  3. Quite a few of these things were unobtainable in the UK in 1950 Wartime rationing didn’t end until 1954. I think it was quite a while after that before my folks could afford a T Bone steak.

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    • Rationing had ended, but, that did not mean there was not a shortage of many foods or that what was available was affordable.
      For my family, it was not until the late 1950’s early 1960’s that the effects of the depression and the shortages of the war years were over come.

      Happy gardening

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