Tea – The Worlds Most Popular Drink

green_tea After water Tea is the most consumed drink by most of the worlds people.
My supermarket has a dazzling aray of teas to choose from. Green, black, berry, fruit and herb flavors of all kinds. Bagged and loose types.

Tea in my neck of the woods most often means tea served over ice and sweet, Grin .. I like mine very sweet.

Avoid bottled teas, you can’t rely on the bottle label hype for the true facts. Bottled teas many times are plastered with declarations of their rich antioxidant content. The truth is if you’re looking for high doses of healthful antioxidants, your much better off brewing your tea at home.

Research finds that some store bought bottled teas contain such small amounts that consumers would have to drink 20 bottles to get the antioxidants, also called polyphenols, present in one cup of home brewed tea.

To compound this problem, many bottled tea beverages often contain large amounts of sugar and unpronounceable chemicals that health conscious consumers may want to avoid. Avoid refined sugars by using a little all natural honey to sweeten your tea. {I like a twist of lemon in both hot and ice tea} for a little added taste punch up.

I don’t recommend needlessly spending money on bottled water. However water is good for you and does not contain any added sugar or other chemicals found in many bottled teas.
Hint Brew and bottle your tea at home. To take on long trips or when going to work.

Old friends, one being 92 and the other 91.
Having their morning tea on the front porch.
Merralee had been repeating herself many times to her hard of hearing friend, finely Merralee ask ‘Vera, why do you have a suppository in your ear?’
After a minute of silence, Vera said ‘damn! Now I know where I put my hearing aid.’

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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5 responses to “Tea – The Worlds Most Popular Drink

  1. Home brewed tea can come in so many declious flavors too!


  2. Reblogged this on Flat Creek Rolling and commented:
    One of my favorite drinks is sweet tea. If it is yours you may enjoy this post from Town and Country.


  3. I routinely make ginger tea and turmeric tea at home. I buy the ginger root at the grocery store and the tea is really good for settling an upset stomach. I get the turmeric root online and it’s good for inflammation. Of course, they’re both good for cooking with as well. I was raised on sweet tea, but I don’t have it that often anymore. Of course, diabetes also runs in my family.

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  4. Love sweet southeren tea too

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