I Shot Myself ——In The Foot!

I have shot myself in the foot ‘again’.
I can’t lay blame on anyone else(damn-it).
I’m lucky enough to have a NWS(National Weather Service) MESONET site located only 4 miles south of my tiny garden. That site records all kinds of useful information like high/low daily temperatures, rain fall, soil temperatures and much more. All of which I can access via my computer.

In my usual hast to plant what I know is warm long growing season garden seed. Last weekend I planted my black eye pea patch. As of to day nothing has sprouted.
I took by best soup spoon from the kitchen, went into my tiny garden and dug up a few seeds. My heart sank in disgust. The seeds have started to decompose, the soil is to damp and cold to germinate black eyed peas.

When all else fails, read the instructions. I checked the MESONET site and my soil temperature is still holding steady at about 60 degrees. 10 to 15 degrees to cold for things like black eyed peas, okra, tomato’s and summer squash to germinate.

In another 10 or 15 days I will Re-plant my peas, plant my okra and put out my tomato seedlings. By that time I ‘should’ have my drip irrigation line staked and plumbed with the correct hose attachment connectors.

Grin … On the delicious side I have invited the largest of the rooster chicks to be my guest of honor at Sunday dinner. He will dress about the size to those high priced supermarket Cornish game hens. Just the right size for an old guys dinner.

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10 responses to “I Shot Myself ——In The Foot!

  1. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately installing my micro-watering system in my vegetable gardens and tweaking each circuit. Many parts of my system are several years old, and I’ve had to purchase several new parts. In the process of re-learning the do’s and don’ts of these systems, I discovered something I’d not known before – that parts that connect to a pipe or a hose are different. In the past, I’d connected my systems directly to a pipe (or hose bib), but now two of my systems are connected to hoses, and I had to purchase parts for hoses because the threading is different from pipes. Still working on perfecting the circuits, but it will be well worth it here in Southern California, where our water restrictions have gotten much stricter. By the way, I planted my okra seeds about 5 days ago (when soil temperature was about 80 during the day) and drip water them every day because I have somewhat sandy soil, but today was much cooler, so I’ll stop watering them and hope for the best. Thanks for the post.

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    • Grin …. Yes, I don’t ever seem to have the correct connector. But over time I have re-plumbed my watering systems so now I don’t have any ‘pipe’ thread connectors, they are now all hose style connectors. Drip type watering systems are real water savers and you only water the area(s) where your plants roots are located. Smile … my weeds seem to do just fine without supplemental watering.

      Happy water Saving Gardening


  2. I hate when that happens!!

    I had a bit of a setback this weekend as well. I have a 4 rack portable greenhouse I decided to try this year and I move it in and out of my garage with plants that have already sprouted and all 4 shelves were full and looking great with seeds we had planted in March. While I was at work the winds picked up and it tipped over spilling everything and crushing most of the plants. Needless to say, it was alot of work trying to salvage what I could! Lesson learned…tie it to a tree in the future!!

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    • Portable green houses seem o be very popular. However as you say, wind is your enemy.
      I am considering constructing a small 4X8 foot green house attached to the south wall of my tiny house. Covering it with sort-a clear fiberglass or plastic sheeting. Sheeting comes in 26 or 38 inch widths, so it may be 50X98 or 74X110 inch actual outside measurements..
      Grin … Lucky you, I don’t have a tree to tie a portable green house to.

      Happy windless gardening

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  3. Very tempting to get started too early this time of year. All of our fruit trees are/have bloomed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed against a late April freeze, though the probabiliy is low with our temperatures hovering around the 70’s recently.

    Regarding peas, we are trying a variation on a “hay bale” garden this year. The last two times that we cleaned the goat barn, we lined up 40′ piles of hay and manure. We planted peas in these. They came up this weekend. We’ll see how this works.

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    • Grin … Sounds like an interesting experiment.
      Will keeping your pea crop well water be a problem in the heat of summer?
      Bless your pea picking heart


  4. I wouldn’t want to be the chick you invite to Sunday dinner!

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  5. Heh.. I -had to- plant my tomato seedling yesterday as they were drooping badly and a couple tops got burned by their light.

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    • Grin … I have never been very successful at growing my own seedlings. I space out, forget to water them or some other dumb thing and still end up buying seedlings to plant in my tiny garden..
      Happy productive tomato gardening


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