New Project -14 By 21 Foot Storage Building (Work Shop Add On)

Son-N-Law(SNL) has completed pouring a 2 inch thick concrete cap over a very ruff, un-level old existing concrete slab in side his 24X24 foot work shop. However after he moved all his tools and shop equipment into his shop, he has decided that he needs more storage space. Hence we are designing and building a 14X21 foot attached storage building. Why 14X21 foot? Well that’s because that’s the size of the existing concrete slab where we will erect this building.

SNL has located a number of old sign post that can be had really cheap. The post are 2 1/4 inch square 14 gauge galvanized tubing. The tubing will be used for the upright post and in the roof bar-joist. Stringers, doors and door framing will be constructed using 2X2X1/8 angle iron.

The building will be skinned and flashed with 24 gauge U-grove sheet metal and the flashing will be 24 gauge galvanized sheet metal. Sheet metal will be attached using self drilling/tapping screws that have a rubber covered water seal washer.

On another note, SNL stopped by Tractor Supply(Farm equipment/accessories) store. I needed a few repair parts for my Hobart 175 MIG( Metal Inert Gas) welding machine. He picked up a new Gas Shield Nozzle and a new Contact Tip Adapter. This part holds the 0.030 wire feed tip and the gas shield nozzle.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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4 responses to “New Project -14 By 21 Foot Storage Building (Work Shop Add On)

  1. Thinking about you with all the storms….hope all is well and safe! Tina

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    • Thanks. Th long range (14 day) forecast is looking mostly dry with a lot of warm dry air comining in from the desert southwest US and from northern Mexico. Grin, but it’s still early in our spring time storm season.
      Happy Gardening

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  2. Grin … I / we have a lot of shop equipment that is not needed very often, but stills needs to be in a weather proof building. 2 welding machines and a large band-saw for starters.

    Happy gardening


  3. Very handy to have under cover storage!

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