Spring Planting Season

Big Smile… Did California Governor Jerry Brown read my blog, Water and your Cash Flow, dated March 30, 2015? Brown ordered officials April 1, 2015 to impose statewide mandatory water restrictions for the first time in California’s history. (Water) surveyors found the lowest snow level in the Sierra Nevada snow pack in 65 years of record keeping.

I shot that Chocolate Egg laying Easter Bunny

Maybe not the egg laying bunny, but I put his cousin in my cook pot!
About daylight Tuesday morning I was enjoying the sight of the early birds free loading at my feeder when out of the corner of my good eye I spied 2 fat rabbits munching away on my newly planted grape vines. This is not a good thing..

Being a world renowned great hunter, I dug my handy dandy Crossman .177 pellet rifle out of a closet. Then another 10 minutes finding the place I had put my can of pellets. (you know the place I put them so I would not loose them.) I looked one more time to be sure the rabbit was still in my Tiny Garden, and he/she was. Slowly, carefully I raised the window so I could ambush that grape eating rabbit.
The rest is history. Rabbit stew was on my dinner menu.

chisken pen fence Grandson and Fence building. Not wanting to give you the wrong impression. #1 grandson is good to his old grandpa. He drops by 2 or 3 times a week to visit and to see if I have a job needing done my someone younger and more agile than myself. With that said he does leave a lot to be desired when it comes to fence building.

A couple of years past, I was talking about enlarging my chicken pen. Being the helpful grandson he is, one day while I was away in town, he drove in a few T-post and stood up a fence in the general area I had indicated that I was going to use for my ‘new’ enlarged chicken pen.

I’m pretty sure he never heard of using a straight line to aline the fence post from corner to corned. I have started pulling the old post and relocating them so the pen fence is some what straight. If you don’t tell #1 grandson, I won’t tell him I moved the fence.. 🙂

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6 responses to “Spring Planting Season

  1. 2 rabbits sitting in my freezer: a gift from a student. Apples for the teacher are old hat! I hope your vines survive Oklahoma winters. But I’ve seen them standing stark against the snow for months on end in France, so no doubt you have suitable rootstock over there. Wasn’t it American roots that saw off phylloxera and allowed us to keep on drinking a glass or two?

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    • Vine winter kill is not normaly a problem if the vines get enough water during the cold, dry winds of winter.

      I think your right. My understanding is many Europeans imported phylloxera resistance root stocks, grafting their favored vines to the American root stocks.

      This year we may see a big jump in price of California wines due to the west coast drought.but I don;t think will effect wine from other states or countries.

      Happy Gardening


  2. I am putting up new fencing extending my chicken pasture as well in the next week or so and I laid out the posts and the man of the house informed me I had to keep a straight line. I like diagonals and to put a post where I want it but I guess I’ll do it his way lol

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  3. Im not the best fence builder either… I have done this too but learned from the fuzzy faced husband how to better next time… then I got the portable electric fence and just move it into what ever shape I want and he just laughs now.

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