Severe Weather Season – Arrived Today

Day one of our official severe weather season started today. Grin … true to form my WX guy said.

*Severe Weather Possible Today.
An active evening may be in store as a strong cold front heads for Texoma(Northwest Texas / Southwest Oklahoma). Expect increasing south winds today and a very warm afternoon with highs in the low 80s north to upper 80s south. Scattered severe storms may develop as early as 4-5 PM for northwestern Texoma and then form into a line this evening before exiting the area by 10-11 PM. Storms may contain large hail and damaging winds and there is a small chance of a (few) tornado’s. Wind gusts to 60 mph may be possible behind the front.

Grape Vine Planting Up-Date

Bare root vines planted 8 or 9 days ago. The 2 seedless concord vines are budding out. The red skin Flame vine is still plyable but has not yet set any buds.
Flame is out. Next time I will buy a different variety of seedless red skin grape to replace this non performing variety.

Corn Planting. There was enough seed in the package to plant six, 6 foot long rows. I have found that almost all vegetable crops benefit from being planted side by side in short rows over 1 or 2 long rows. Pollination is better in this arrangement.

I’m off to double check and secure anything that may me moved from my house to the south 40 by the forecasts high winds.

Not from the USA.
Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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10 responses to “Severe Weather Season – Arrived Today

  1. Hey its my birthday! 43 today years young I am. Can you try to get my greentimesolutions page some likes on Facebook? I haven’t quite figured out yet. Maybe ask your ham radio friends to give it a like before Facebook shuts down my reach. I’ll be posting some of the latest gardening ideas. Thanks,
    Andrew Lee Spaulding
    A.K.A. Mr. Greentime


  2. I hope the worst of the storms stay well clear, but as they say…”batten down the hatches” Do you have a storm cellar or basement?

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  3. Oh boy that’s scary!! Hope all was ok out there!!

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  4. Wow! What a forecast. I hope you have not suffered too much from the winds and escaped the tornado. Such a contrast to us in S. England. Day temps at the moment about 12 degrees C and some frosts at night!

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  5. I had no idea Texoma was a region! I think that probably annoys both Texans and Oklahomans…

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