Where Have All The Hummingbirds Gone?

About 10 days ago I made a batch of sugar water(1 cup sugar, 4 cups water) and hung my Hummingbird feeders. Before dark I had 2 pair of Ruby Throat Hummingbirds finding and feeding from my new feeders.

Then the next day I had the start of a few days of overcast, cooler weather. Hummingbirds must have gone back to Mexico, They because they are no longed feeding at my new feeders! However I do have 4 or 5 pair of Eurasian Doves coming twice a day to feed, a few Red Wing Black birds and a pair of Red birds.

It’s almost mid-week and the sun is shining, temperature is bumping 80 degrees, but the west wind is holding steady at 30 mph gusting to 35 or 40 mph. Not really a nice day to garden.

On the brighter side, many of the onion sets I planted in my patio pots are shooting bright green shoots skyward. A few Radish seeds and Beet seed have germinated and are showing the promise of making a fresh spring time salad. Fresh green onions, radish and beets. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Pear, Apple, Cherry, Peach and Apricot trees are in full bloom every where you look. Mesquite trees are setting bugs. Mesquite trees seldom get fooled and get hit with a late freeze. So, taking my lead from my old Mesquite tree. Today sweet corn will be planted. Early planted corn has a better chance of avoiding being attack by ear and root worms.

The wheat and cereal rye seed son-n-law drilled (8 acres) in late last fall is up and providing good grazing for our livestock. I had almost decided that we had not received enough rain for get a crop up. But I think that slow melting be had in late January did the trick.

I’m off like a shot in the dark. Corn seed in hand.

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5 responses to “Where Have All The Hummingbirds Gone?

  1. Can’t wait until my hummingbirds appear again. This has been a long, cold winter for us here in northeast Ohio. We just got our first robins last week


  2. I do hope more hummingbirds arrive at your feeder! Today I put out my tui feeder. The tui is a native New Zealand nectar-eating bird. Not the personality of a hummingbird. They’re quite large but with a beautiful song, especially when there’s a few of them at once. Since I live on a road named Tui Glen Drive you’ve inspired me to attract a few for the coming winter!

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    • Thanks for taking time to drop by for a visit.
      As the weather warms and spring flowers burst into the Hummingbirds will return.
      I’m not a real avid bird feeder. I put out ,on the ground, as well in a feeder or two hen scratch(chicken feed) that contains a mix of crushed corn,, black sun flower seeds and sorghum seed.
      It may not be their favorite feed, but, in the cold lean months it keeps them from going hungry.

      Wish I had some of your Tui’s to enjoy.
      Happy Fall gardening


  3. We saw one last Wednesday then didn’t see it again until Saturday or Sunday, and haven’t seen one since. Feeders are out and waiting.

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