Homemade Gates – Fish Pond – Horse Barn And Tiny Garden

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pond gate The Pond Gate that allows easy access to our fish pond was designed and handmade by an old fat guy that’s to lazy to walk the long way around to get to the pond. Michelle L. wanted a trellis fitted to the gate. Her plan ‘was’ to plant a trumpet vine on each side of the tresses. Hehehe, trellis and gate were constructed by me and installed by son-n-law and grandson. We are all still waiting for the vines to be planted.

Note to self I had to add a chain with a snap-lock to the gate latch after the gate was erected. Damn Jack A donkey has learned how to unlatch and open the gate.

barn gate The Barn Gate leading to the cow/horse/donkey barn and to the still under construction pig pen was designed by that same old fat guy. Grandson and son-n-law dug the holes for the gate. Mixing and pouring enough cement to fill 2 hand dug gate post holed that were about 8 inches in diameter and 31 inches deep.
The gate latch is a simple drop latch. It’s advantages are that it is easy to build, it works and in the event something gets out of alinement(gate sag) there is no need to relocate your gate latck to make it work properly.

Why the bright Orange paint job, you ask. Grin .. because that’s the color paint grandson had on hand without spending $30.00+ dollars for a gallon for another paint color.

After the cement cures a few more days the barb-wire fence will be cut, attached to the gate poles and re-stretched.

garden gate Tiny Garden Gate Last on my show and tell gates is my Tiny Garden Gate. This gate protects my tiny garden from hungry cows/horse and a crazy donkey. The fence panels and gate are constructed out of 14 gauge, 1 inch square tubing and covered with common farm store bought cattle panels.

Cattle panels come 52 inches tall and 16 feet long, So that’s the size I made my fence panels.

corralCorral While I had the camera out I thought I would take a picture of the corral panels. Each panel is 6 feet tall and 10 feet long. Steel comes in 20 foot bars/joints but I have found that a 20 foot panel is to difficult(heavy) for 2 men to handle and are hard to load and un-load if you need to transport the panels to another location.

The why the panels are 6 feet tall is because we use the panels in working cows as well as Jack A donkey and Poco D horse. Horses will seldom try to go over a panel 4 or 5 feet tall. However a crazy old longhorn bull or cow will. If the top rail of a coral is higher than a bulls head they are not as likely to try to climb or jump your coral fencing.

It (the corral) is currently set up as a 33 foot round corral for walking/running Poco D horse to reestablish who is boss after he has be allowed to be on his own to long.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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3 responses to “Homemade Gates – Fish Pond – Horse Barn And Tiny Garden

  1. What a clever donkey you’ve got 😉


  2. I use my roundpen every spring to remind my horses who is in charge after a long winter of relaxation for them

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    • Grin good quality corral panels are indispensable when working large stock like cows and horse. Whether assembled as a round working pen or assembled to function as loading/unloading shut every cow / horse person needs a few good quality panels.

      Happy gardening

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