It’s Spring and I didn’t notice!

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Wanda said “For the moment, I’m blogging from the heart of Europe.” 🙂

budding roses First day of spring passed and I missed it! Temperatures cooled off and my soil temperature has dropped back into the low 50’s. To cold to plant almost anything. Sweet corn will half to wait a few days more before I plant. My farm store has their seed racks out.. Grin … that have been picked over only leaving things like turnips and beets. It seems that I’m the only person in this county that likes and plants turnips…

About the picture. It seems that some people can’t kill a plant. More than a month ago Michelle L. purchased 3 cheap roses. Packed with a little peat moss wrapped around their roots and stuffed into a water proof plastic bag. They have been setting in a cardboard box near a large glass door. Damn things are fully leafed out and all of them now have flower buds that will soon burst into gull bloom.

black chicks Grrrr… son-n-law decided that I need more chickens. He picked up 8 straight run at $1.99 each. Judging by their size and how much they are feather out I guess them to at least 3 weeks old. That’s a good thing. They are past the dieing stage, eating well and all look to be healthy. Hehehe, they came from the farm stores clearance bin. All that I can say is they are black, with a few brown/gold-ish colored markings. As for their sex, I’m sure in another few weeks I will have 4 or more pan size friers.

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8 responses to “It’s Spring and I didn’t notice!

  1. I missed the first day of spring too as I have been doing nothing but boiling sap to maple syrup all weekend lol.

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    • reading your blog, it’s a fairly simple but ‘slow’ project to make maple syrup.
      I sometimes make fruit or berry flavored syrup using fruit/berry juice, sugar and water boiled into a syrup.
      Good eating and happy gardening

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  2. here in West Virginia Turnips are now raised for deer.. like they need any thing more to eat but the hunters are using them for spring food plots and winter sources of food…. my husband joined the band wagon and bought about 1000 turnip seeds and is just waiting to plant asap.

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    • Proof positivity you can’t believe everything you read. Somewhere I read that tulips were poison.
      Some of the local people sometimes plant winter wheat for winter early spring forage for deer and turkey’s.
      Happy Spring Gardening


  3. Well is this where you change the old adage to.. don’t look a gift chicken in the craw? Either meat or eggs it’s not a bad thing to get, however with how straight run go.. you’ll either have all hens or all roosters.

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    • Your right many time you will end up with all being a or the other sex, but, in the past I have hit close to a 50/50 rate. 1/2 pullets and 1/2 roosters.
      Grin, Me and daughters family are not big users of eggs. I have 2 hens and ‘most’ of the time they keep us well stocked with the amount of eggs we eat.

      Happy Spring Gardening


  4. I love turnips. Roast them with a pork roast: perfection! I just planted my turnip seeds yesterday. Here in New Zealand turnips are a winter crop. Everyone else seems to think they’re cattle fodder. They don’t know what they’re missing out on!

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    • Turnips here are best fall planted, but I can most years get a useable spring crop as well. Grin … cattle raisers plant mostly wheat for winter grazing. But, for reasons un-known to me many sheep raisers plant turnips for their sheep’s winter green grazing.

      Happy gardening

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