Alfalfa – Sweet Feed – Onions And Grapes

I always enjoy going to my local farm store. The smells of alfalfa hay, range cubes and sweet feed, wow, doesn’t get much better than that.

Grapes for the table. I managed to get my tiny grape orchard planted today. Only 3 vines, 2 purple skin seedless Concord grapes and 1 red skin Flame. Trellis end poles have been marked and pole holes will be dug. I will soon set the poles and stretch my trellis wires.

Onions every where. 80 red and 80 white onion sets are in my large patio pots. They were planted very close together. I will use these as small fresh onions. Much as I would use scallions.
I will plant another 160 yellow onions in the garden and allow then to grow to full maturity. Harvest and store for use next fall and winter.

Grin… Yes I did get my garden fence moved and re-erected to keep Poco D. Horse and Jack D. Donkey out of my garden.

We are still in what the weather service (NOAA) has deemed Exceptional Drought. Soils are bone dry and this clay turns brick hard when it dries out. Today the wind was from the west/southwest and humidifies were around 10 percent.

It is time to stock up on my garden seed. My garden will be small and selections will be based on their temperature and water requirements.
Shortly my soil temperature should be bumping 65 degrees. Today at 4 inches deep my soil temperature was 61 degrees. Last frost is generally the first week of April, but, if the seed has not sprouted they will not be effected ‘much’ by a short lived cold blast.

The long range (14 day) forecast, highs in the mid 60’s to low 70’s and lows in the mid 40’s to low 50’s. So if the weather man hasn’t screwed up I plan to plant sweet corn this coming weekend. I am planting 2 varieties of sweet corn and will plant a second crop 2 week after my first planting to extend my corn harvest season.

Planting such a small garden this year I think I can get by with buying one 40 pound bag of 13-13-13 fertilizer this year.

Off on another subject. Saturday I built a 4 foot wide walk gate for son-n-law and daughter to be installed in the barb wire fence near the ‘soon to be’ new pig pen. At last count they have 1 Yorkshire, 1 Duroc and 2 trapped wild piglets.
Wild pigs do not generally grow more than 100 or 125 pounds but are excellent to split down the back and BBQ 1/2 pig at a time on our BBQ/smoker.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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8 responses to “Alfalfa – Sweet Feed – Onions And Grapes

  1. Hello, thanks for looking at my blog. I’m always interested and amazed to hear how the same crops are grown in such different conditions – yesterday I went to my plot to see the onions poking their heads up into grey London drizzle. Everyone has a different challenge it seems!

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  2. Thank you for liking my blog post, This week in the garden… :). Sounds like your weather challenges are a little like ours. It seems to be either too hot and dry or too cold and freezing! It is challenging, but rewarding to garden in extreme climates, so I enjoyed hearing about it from someone else too.

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  3. I see you’re back again and so am I. The best pork I can remember tasting came from pigs my gypsy friends raised. They were all ready to go away when Ezra discovered that he needed official paperwork for the slaughterer, so by the time they were killed the meat was more mature and tastier. But even though the paddock the pigs had been on was greener than the rest of the land, I never convinced the family to compost the waste from their horses. Their beloved, spoilt, national prize-winning horses! They got lovely mushrooms one wet autumn, but not the next two dry ones.

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  4. I started my gardening efforts too. I dug up a patch for some strawberries during a thaw and lined the edge to keep out the weeds. Today it snowed. I also started some spinach and asters indoors and today I’ll plant some broccoli indoors. The kids’ school is having a flower sale this week so I’ll pick some up for my front garden. The dirt in the yard of this new house is so beautiful that I have high hopes for veggies this year.

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    • Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to drop by for a visit and for your comment(s).
      To grow berries I have a couple of problems. First our soil is very alkaline and ‘most’ berries like a acid based soil. Second berries don’t like my summer winds, high temperatures and low humidly.
      Cool weather crops in general must be planted for fall harvest as our summer heat drops. Other wise in most cases things like spinach bolt to seed.
      Happy Gardening


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