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In the past few day I saw this website highlighted on a national agriculture TV show. It seems to be fairly new site but, it will be a real useable source of knowledge to consumers as more producers sign up and add their farm information to this farm to table database. Trace Produce

We the Consumers must demand that all crop producers get on board and post information about their farming operations. In the end this will be a Consumer driven information sharing project.
Call, email, write all fresh, frozen and canned produce sellers and demand there produce source(farm the produce was grown) is identified on their packaging containers.

This was taken from Trace Produce About Page.

Trace Produce is an account-based website that allows growers and shippers to market the traceable aspects of their produce to consumers, while maintaining their existing in-house labeling and software systems. Codes found on produce packages can be typed into search boxes at the website, which allows consumers to discover exactly where their produce came from. Traceable produce helps to build consumer confidence, providing a benefit to all members of the produce supply chain – from the farmer to the end-consumer.

Trace Produce provides the simplest solution for growers and shippers to link information to produce packages. No special hardware, labels, or proprietary coding system required. The account-based format allows retailers, food service, buyers, and terminal market members to gain secure information and documentation about purchased produce based off of the code found on the unit or case.

I hope you find this website useful and will publicly demand all producers get on board to make this site truly a top notch consumer driven information service.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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4 responses to “Farm Produce – Field To Fork

  1. Hey, this is a pretty nifty idea! Thanks for sharing. I wonder how many producers will sign up.


  2. I think it will be interesting to see how much of our food is imported from other countries and will they add their information to the data base. I was just looking at grapes yesterday and found that they were from South America… will they be tracked?

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    • American consumers are spoiled. We demand that we have all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables in our markets 365 days a year. many consumers never consider the fact that fruits, berries and vegetables are ‘Seasonal’ crops. When out of season in the U.S. they must be grown and shipped from countries where that crop is in season. Grin .. like your South American grapes.
      The best I can determine. This site will track any grower, packer, seller that joins Trace Produce and post their grower, packer or seller information to Trace Produce site database no matter what country they may be located.

      Happy gardening

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      • so far this sounds like a wonderful idea let us all hope for more honest and open information to everyone who wants it… I did pass on the grapes… I ended up with California Strawberries instead.


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