Winters Last Blast?

march snow It’s damn cold and the ground is covered with a thin sheet of ice, a 1/4 of sleet and then about 2 inches of March snow. Brrrrrr.
My weather guy said that temperatures will be in the 60’s by Saturday/Sunday and in the low 70’s by middle of next week.

My onion sets (160 of them) are setting in the bottom of the refrigerator waiting for a few warm days so I can till my garden plot one more time before planting my onion patch. I have red and yellow onion sets but will buy another 160 sets of white onions after the soil is warm and dry enough for a second planting of onions. I’m trying to space planting dates so all of my onions are not harvest ready on the same day this summer.

The warm fall weather caused my garlic patch to sprout and was about 3 inches tall when our first really cold blast arrived. Garlic has been killed back to ground level. I’m hoping that it will recover and still produce a useable size garlic harvest.

shop-framing My son-n-laws(SNL) work shop was erected by myself, son-n-law, #1 grandson with the help from SNL’s sister and his brother-n-law on an old existing concrete slab where a few years back a small wood frame house stood. It appears that the slab had been mixed and poured by hand. Really a bad concrete job. Very un-level and so many cracks and chip-outs that it was almost unusable.

shop-dryed-in We (Grin mostly he) spent several days sweeping, chipping out bad spots and power washing to ready it for us to pour a 2 inch thick quality (4,500 PSI) concrete cap. Truck arrived, dumped his load of concrete where we wanted it and (Son-n-law and #1 grandson) spread and finished the floor cap. Looks really good. It’s now smooth free of large cracks and chip-outs. Very nice useable work shop floor.

If you care, that thing sticking out of the shop door is a 12 ft long rabbit hutch that I converted into a pig shed.

What else has been going on? O-Yes, finished the homemade coal blacksmith forge (Pictures to soon be posted) I was making for #1 grandson.
With a little ‘free’ old man advice, #1 grandson hot forged a cheap Chinese made file into a nice hunting knife. Really good looking for his first attempt. (Knife picture to soon be posted) I’m very proud of him.

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15 responses to “Winters Last Blast?

  1. Robinne Weiss

    Anytime you want to send some of that cold and snow our way, it’d be much appreciated! We’re at the tail end of a hot dry summer that just won’t stop…seems the seasons got stuck this year!

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    • Grin… Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I’ll do my best to send a cool blast of air your way. But that snow thing. This snow is so dry that I see small clouds of dust rising deim the snow as poco(the horse) walks by.
      Happy Fall gardening


  2. Very busy out there, just in time for the warm weather to return! I saw the knife on your other post, very nice work!


  3. You sure have been busy.
    Here in Australia our weather is starting to turn as we are now in Autumn. Still picking lots of tomatoes and cumquats. Have recently planted kale.

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    • It’s still 40 days before we are past our last normal frost date and abot 50 days away from planting summers warm weather crops.
      Happy Fall Gardening


  4. Good Evening, thanks for looking in on my ramblings again.

    The greenhouse I’ve been allowed to use was badly positioned: no sun reaches it through most of the winter, as it is in the shadow of the house next door, but I can now hope to sow a few veg seeds.

    A frost this morning (in SE England) but we have had a mild winter. None of that snow to speak of. I saw my first new lamb today as I was travelling by bus between jobs, and it was a black one! They are more common in Wales than here, but there are rare breeds from England that are black as well. I hope the onions behave for you!

    And enjoy being grandfather; I guess you do.


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    • Thanks for taking time to drop by for a visit.
      Green houses do not function well here. In the morinig it may be 45%F (7%C) and by mid aftrenoon temps can rise to 90+%F (32%C) and the tempetures in a green house can quickly reach 100+F (38%C) or more. Without automated venting/cooling systems plants quickly die.

      This is wheat and cattle country. You seldom see hogs, sheep or goats in this part of Oklahoma.

      Happy spring gardening


  5. I’m really hoping this is the last of it!

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  6. Looking forward to the pictures of the knife! My 10 year old loves watching forging so I try to take him to Fort Niagara a few times in the summer where they forge all sorts of things and show how it was used in the Fort during war.

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  7. Looking forward to the pictures of the forge and your grandson’s creations!

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