Soda Containing Caramel May Increase Cancer Risk

Just for the record I have never been a big fan of soda of any kind.
Yes I do know how difficult it is to limit or eliminate soda from children’s diet. I have a daughter, grand kids and great grand kids of my own.
At least around my house. I never buy soda of any kind. My daughter, grand kids and great grand kids know this. They know soda is not an option at grandpa’s house. They never ask for soda and drink fruit juice, milk or water.

The real question is, do you cave-in and allow your children to drink soda to stop the whining? Or do you do what is best for that child’s long term health and replace soda with milk, real natural 100% percent pure juice or water?

Source Americans at risk of carcinogen exposure from soda

Half of Americans over age 6 may be exposing themselves to a cancer causing carcinogen 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI). This compound is sometimes produced during manufacturing and is known to cause cancer.

Researchers found that 44 percent of kids and 58 percent of adults drink at least one can of soda per day. To put this 1 can a day bad habit in prospective, that’s 30 that’s right 30 – 12 can packs of soda a year. Or put this way it is 34 gallons of soda consumed in one year.

In the analysis of 4-MEI concentrations, researchers found that levels of the carcinogen varied, even for the same type of beverage. Among diet colas, certain samples had higher or more variable levels of the compound, while other samples had low concentrations of 4-MEI.

Soft drink consumers are exposing themselves to an avoidable and unnecessary cancer risk from an ingredient that is being added to these beverages mostly as a coloring agent. This unnecessary exposure poses a threat to public health and raises questions about the continued use of caramel coloring in soda.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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6 responses to “Soda Containing Caramel May Increase Cancer Risk

  1. We also stay away from foods with aspartame, and benzoates in them ( not sure if its spelt right) how comes we are eating foods with stuff in them that we wash our hair with. This has been my view for over 15 years now, most people I know that have had cancer I.e my dad and father in law to name just two, cancer of the digestive system. But where do we stop? So much processing with our foods, even if we are carefull ee cant eliminate. Hope this makes sense!

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  2. Soda is a “treat” for when we eat out. I also don’t buy it – organic milk costs me enough 🙂

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  3. Another compelling reason to stay away from the stuff.

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