Blogs And Bloggers I Have Known – Update

If you can find the time this is a list of great fun blogs to visit.

New Judy blogs at NewEnglandGardenAndThread
Judy said “I am an Advanced Master Gardener with the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension who lives to garden. I love to travel around the New England area, spend time with my two grandchildren.

New Anthony Melbourne Australia blogs at I Am Not An Urban Hippie?
Anthony said “The rampant rambling of someone trying to live a greenish life in Melbourne Australia.”

New Wanda blog, wandering treechild
Wanda said “I write mostly about my life-long experiment to approach life differently, about my different DIY projects, currently mostly about the office container that I’m rebuilding (the inside) to live tiny, and all kinds of other thoughts and ideas that pop into my head.
* For the moment Wanda is blogging from the heart of Europe.

Elizabeth blogs at aquaberrybliss about outdoor lifestyle.
Her blog is called Aquaberry Bliss.
She features tips on gardening, outdoor excursions and sustainable living.

Eric blogs at Awakening to Awareness
Eric said “…where I share considerations for aligning our lives with what really matters.”

Antique Shop Girl blogs at The Adventures of Antique Shop Girl.
Antique Shop Girl said "Its’ a collection of short stories, antidotes, inspiration & commentary on my often humorous, sometimes poignant, but always thought-provokingly fun experiences running an antiques business in New England and online with Etsy."

The Rambling Gardener said “it’s not really about gardening. More a little bit of writing, photography and some other random thoughts and ideas.”
The Rambling Gardener blogs at The Rambling Gardener

Tom blogs at Noobish Gardener
Noobish Gardener -Life, Gardening and Whisky.

Mothers-The Life I’ve Chosen blogs at Your Super Mum said “motivators, one in a million, teachers, home-keepers, earth-savers, resourceful, supermums”

Rustedoakhomestead said “I have a brand new blog (literally just created) that will be about my adventures in diy urban homesteading, which will include all natural gardening, chicken and rabbit keeping, composting, red worm vermicomposting and other homesteading ideas like preserving/canning etc.

Steve blogs at Mr. Hopeful Steve said “I live in Suffolk, England and blog on gardens, dogs and books.

Anneli blogs at wordsfromanneli Anneli said “My blog is made up mostly of photos and stories about anything I find interesting at the time. Mostly west coast oriented, mostly outdoor things, but not exclusively.

Amy blogs at Theshrubqueen. Amy said “I blog about tropical Florida gardening, plants, dogs, garden design and life in the pond.

Áine (pronounced Aunya) blogs at áinehannah Áine said “I’m in north county Dublin, Ireland, and on, which is a chronicle of gardening in lieu of gym membership for a 50-something Jill of All Trades.

Tina blogs at Chase & Chance’s MomTina said “my blog is about trying to live the pioneer life in the new world way sharing our small farm, crafts, gardens, and simple real world cooking.

Roni blogs at Losing Screws Roni said “I’m Roni and I blog on Losing Screws. Craft and diy household projects.

Johanne Lamarche blogs at French Gardener Dishes
Johanne said “My whole life I have been told I should open a restaurant. I am French Canadian and entertaining well is part of our way of life. In the blog I try to show “how” I create recipes or entertain and even garden, creatively. My intention with blogging was to inspire others by sharing recipes, entertainment ideas/tablescapes or in the garden. I have been blogging a little more than a year.

Fairy lives in Australia and blogs at Organised Castle Fairy said “I am Fairy, live in Australia and my blog is It is a mix of gardening, cooking, sewing and decluttering.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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5 responses to “Blogs And Bloggers I Have Known – Update

  1. Thank you! I’ve been enjoying meeting other bloggers through your feature!

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  2. Thanks so much for including me in your blogging list. It’s great to make lots of connections.

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