Town & Country Gardening – According To WordPress

WordPress said “You have had 750,000 Blog Visits

🙂 That’s almost 3/4’s of a million visitors.

Please send me a comment giving me:
Your Blog Name
Blog URL Address
A short Description about your blog

I will post your blog on my, soon to be published, Blog Roll for all to see

Thank You, Thank You and did I say Thank You?

Please take ‘Your’ Visitor Appreciation Award home with you.

Gold Cup Award


29 responses to “Town & Country Gardening – According To WordPress

  1. Congratulations! Keep up the good work. I enjoy your posts. My blog is


  2. great news… we all welcome that kind of traffic but I think your is due to the wonderful content and stories you share. Wishes for another 750,000.


  3. Congrats on your achievement! I enjoy reading your blog. I have a brand new blog (literally just created) that will be about my adventures in diy urban homesteading, which will include all natural gardening, chicken and rabbit keeping, composting, red worm vermicomposting and other homesteading ideas like preserving/canning etc. My blog can be (soon) found at

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  4. Congratulations! I love reading your blog and getting a tip here and there. What’s great with it? It’s very homey, not like some that are too business material. I like the idea that the farmer feeling is there and you’re not a bossy farmer..LOL

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  5. Congrats from the UK!
    Puts my stats into perspective 😉

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  6. The Rambling Gardener

    Congratulations I enjoy reading your blog and picking up new tips and ideas to try out at home. My site is The Rambling Gardener, it’s not really about gardening. More a little bit of writing, photography and some other random thoughts and ideas.


  7. Congratulations to you!! I really enjoy your blog as I am sure you can tell by all my questions and comments lol.

    I’m Tina from and my blog is about trying to live the pioneer life in the new world way sharing our small farm, crafts, gardens, and simple real world cooking

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    • Thanks for taking time to visit my little blog.and for your nice comment(s)
      FYI I don’t mind having questions and I really enjoy getting comments.
      Happy gardening


  8. Congrats! That’s so many!!!!! Good job!
    I’m Roni and I blog on Losing Screws. Craft and diy household projects.

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  9. Congratulations! I know about the likes and comments. I try to comment 🙂

    My URL is https://
    My whole life I have been told I should open a restaurant. I am French Canadian and entertaining well is part of our way of life. In the blog I try to show “how” I create recipes or entertain and even garden, creatively. My intention with blogging was to inspire others by sharing recipes, entertainment ideas/tablescapes or in the garden. I have been blogging a little more than a year.

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  10. A blogging achievement worthy of communicating to all! Congratulations on having so many people interested in what you choose to share. There is value in your post topics!

    “Awakening to Awareness”
    …where I share considerations for aligning our lives with what really matters.

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  11. Congratulations, that’s amazing! It’s been 20 years & I’m still learning to garden. Your site is always helpful with a new tip or an “ahh ha” moment. Love your photos, too.

    My blog is, “The Adventures of Antique Shop Girl.” Its’ a collection of short stories, antidotes, inspiration & commentary on my often humorous, sometimes poignant, but always thought-provokingly fun experiences running an antiques business in New England & online with Etsy. I’d be honored if it were on your blog roll. Thank you & here’s to 750,000 more hits!

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  12. Congrats on all of your visitors! I personally love reading the garden tips and tricks on your site.

    I run an outdoor lifestyle blog called Aquaberry Bliss. It features tips on gardening, outdoor excursions and sustainable living. Congrats again on all of your blog traffic!



  13. congratulations! it’s very well deserved 🙂

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  14. I know, I know! That’s how I feel too. If I have so many followers, where ARE they???

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    • Grin … it does get you to thinking… if so many visit, why do I only have 3 likes and maybe 1 comment!

      Happy spring gardening

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      • I have been pondering this…. My answer would be that if you read a book you might think about writing to the author but do you ever do it? Now with blogs it is there on a plate but old habits die hard – and many people might not wish their thoughts to be misconstrued or poured over on the World Wide Web.

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        • Big Grin … My opinion is no more valid than yours or anyone else’s.
          Even Hard Cold ‘facts’ are subject to change with science and technology advances.
          For what it’s worth, I make no clam to be any kind of expert (guru) on any subject that I may post on. However I do try very hard to present current information.

          Thanks for your astute observations.
          Happy Spring Gardening

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