Sugar Plumbs – Fairies & Spring Gardens

fairy A UK gardener said “I grow a medium size garden every summer and make a second planting in late July or August to provide me with fresh food 8 to 9 months a year. I catch run off water from my gutters to water a few chickens, rabbits and my garden, this provides me all the eggs and most of my yearly meat supply needs. Ducks and geese are easy to raise and require little supplemental feeding.

A Australian gardener said “I have found that it does not require as much water for my garden as I was using when watering from my tap. Now I only water when plants ‘really’ need watering. It seems that waiting it out for normal rain fall is almost always best for me and my garden. I only water now to prevent plants from dieing in the hottest driest parts of summer. Pot and raised bed gardening works well for many but they also require much more daily attention and supplemental watering than simple in ground gardening.

I said “When planting I wide space rows at least 42 or more inches between rows. This allows me easy access to plants when harvesting. It seems to me that plants not being crowed in narrow rows produce more and larger vegetable crops as well. Spreading a thick layer of grass clippings, old soiled hay and chicken litter mulch between rows help keep mud off my shoes, very helpful in weed control and is a real effective soil builder when tilled into the soil at the end of my growing season.

Hint For using a small space to grow big tomato’s. Fertilize ‘them’!
Fertilizers in a bag or box, is the most expensive and least effective way to to add nutrients to your garden. Once started it is difficult to return to less expensive more effective compost, labor intensive manure fertilization regimens.
Fertilizers in a bag or box gives a quick shot to your garden but is quickly used up or lost through water run off and leaching into the ground well below root zones of most plants. Compost and manure is as they say the first slow release fertilizer.

My mail box is being over run with seed and plant catalogs. That’s a good thing. It keeps my mind off of the cold winds and my barren garden plot.

Happy Holidays

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