DIY – Murphy’s Law – Rule 5

hen house Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong and always at the most inconvenient time.

Winter and colder weather is nearing my door step. In my effort to winterize widows and doors, much to my dismay. I discovered that my 5 year old calk job using premium quality 30 year calk on windows and doors has failed!

So I have spent much of this week gouging out old calk readying windows and doors for a new DIY calking, to seal out winters cold ‘again’. That 30 year calk didn’t workout all that well. Grinning … So this time I’m using a satisfaction guaranteed 50 year calk. Hehehe like I will know what I did with my receipt in 5 years much less in 50 years!

Chicken Coop Poop With winter approaching I ran my chickens out of their hen house. During winters cold weather the birds will spend much more time inside their coop. With this in mind I removed all old litter and nest box grass hay. Scrapped and removed all that old chicken poop from the coop!
I mixed up 5 gallons of ‘strong’ bleach and blue Dawn dish soap water. Using a hand sprayer I washed both the inside and outside of my chicken coop from ceiling to floor/ground.
While I was at it I also sterilized their feeders and water containers.
After everything was dry I put down about 4 inches of blue stem grass hay and filled the nest boxes with fresh grass hay as well.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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12 responses to “DIY – Murphy’s Law – Rule 5

  1. So true…it’s always something. I have had my heat lamp on for 2 days testing it and tonight we needed it, I turned it on it the coop and poof the bulb blew!! UGH!!!! Guess I’m getting a couple more tomorrow to keep on hand!!

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    • Grin … it seems that no matter how many different spare parts (Heat lamps) etc. I have on hand, when something breaks that is the one spare part I don’t have!
      Happy Holiday Season

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  2. I have been told since I was a child that I am completely devoid of common sense, so I can’t help you lol.

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  3. butchcountry67

    Up here in Canukistan (Canada) I’ve been busy winterizing as well, put the snow fence up yesterday and the storm windows on the house, now I’m just hoping winter misses us for another couple weeks, today it is just 1 degree celsius with a 70 mile an hour wind, so far so good the snow fence is still standing.

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    • Thanks for dropping by for a visit and for your comment(s)
      Eeeek … I really hope that I will have no need for a snow fence.
      Wow, we get a lot of high winds as well. Hang in there… It’s really hard to keep things anchored down when the wind get above 50 mph(80kmh).

      happy holiday season


  4. I’m originally from the east central part of your state and I remember all the winter prep we had to do growing up. I’m glad I have less of it now, although last winter was a surprise here. My grandma used to just close off rooms with hanging blankets until spring.

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    • Grin … O-Yes the old blanket over doors and windows trick. I know it well.
      My daughter measured cut and hemmed some heavy curtain material so it nicely covers my windows and door. I use them when we get a hard cold north wind. Being from this neck of the woods I don’t need to tell you about our 50 to 70 mph winds.
      Happy Holiday Season

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  5. We did the same thing here! Cleaned out our gutters too. I still have to set up my frost covers for my garden greens. I can make it through the winter without losing my collards and kale if they are protected with leaves and a nice blanket.

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