Chicken Coop Poop – Build A Coop – A Winter Project

University building plans are an excellent source of free construction plans. However you may need to ‘scale’ down some of their building plans to fit your project. Not to worry, scaling down a building plan is easy to do.
Plans often have a complete building materials list as well as a cut-up list to help you construct your building whether it be a chicken coop or a rabbit hutch.
North Dakota State University Has an extensive list of building plans for poultry and all kinds of livestock.

The-Practical-Poultry-Keeper was first published in 1867, however information it contains is free and it’s information is still just as valid to day as it was in 1867. It is a very useful book with a lot of useful information and it contains many very nice chicken breed pictures. It is in a downloadable PDF file so you can download this book for a handy reference.

If you household is anything like mine there is little spare cash. It seems like everything has doubled in price this past year. Getting Free building plans is always a good thing.

Google-ing ‘chicken coop plans‘ I found page after page of plans For Sale but few that were really Free. Being disappointed but not to be deterred, I continued searching – Guess What I discovered… There are a ton of truly Free building plans for storage sheds that can be easily adapted for use as chicken coops.

Using plans for a storage shed of the size you need for your very own chicken coop. All one need do is to add a few nest boxes and a stick or two for your hens to roost on and you have a great chicken coop.

Free Chicken Coop Plans website You may find this site of interest. It’s a fun website and is even useful.

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