DIY Projects Around My Tiny Farm And Garden

This posting is a bit picture heavy. Please click the picture to Zoom In, enlarging the photograph to it’s original size.

new-roof This is mostly a project being done by my son-n-law(snl) and grandson.
I don’t understand why but this is the 3rd roof in 5 years for this house. The first two roofing jobs were done using 35 year asphalt shingles. They stayed on the roof until we got our first hard (70mph) southwest wind. FYI, 60 to 70 MPH winds are not all that uncommon here in SW Oklahoma.

I talked my son-n-law into re-roofing this time using 26 gauge high ridge sheet metal this time. The sheet has what the seller claims is a 30 year paint job.
The number and placement of the sheet to wood and the sheet to sheet lap screws was based on based on my 50 years experience constructing sheet metal covered metal buildings. ‘Self Brag’ of the 75 or more buildings I have built over the years the only building I have lost the roof sheet off of one building that was the victim of a category 2 tornado.

ford tractor grill You are looking at the front end of a 1967(I think) Ford model 5000 tractor that my snl found and bought well worth the money. However the sheet metal and grill were in very bad shape or missing. I was able to salvage the sheet metal parts using steel and hard rubber hammers. Knocking out dents and refitting as necessary.

Researching this thing I found that originally it came with a white plastic grill. I found a replacement grill on the internet but it was priced much higher than I was willing to pay for a piece of plastic. Being the frugal guy I am. I cut and fitted a piece of 20 gauge sheet metal(the black part) and then cut, fitted and welded up a grill to fit the space in front of the radiator. Both the sheet metal and the grill still need painted white, but even without paint the grill is functional.

trailer hand This gadget I call my trailer hand. When mounted on the 3 point tractor lift arms you can pull and move any tongue or ball hitch trailer. The pipe extending 3 feet or so in the air allows me to pull any 2-5/16 ball goose neck or 5th wheel mounted trailer.
Located at the bottom is a piece of 4X6 soft ceder timber. This allows me to bumper push almost any car, pickup truck or other types of vehicles where I need them.

harron on a 3 point hitch This is my salvaged and rebuild one row horse drawn spring tooth harrow. I discovered 2 one row harrows that were in near un-salvageable condition. They were very nearly buried in a pile of blow sand in the corner of a local farmers field.

After digging them out of a sand pile, I rebuild the original harrow frame, attached the 2 harrows side by side and then constructed a 3 point tractor hitch. This harrow has been garden tested and works very well.

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16 responses to “DIY Projects Around My Tiny Farm And Garden

  1. My, you have been busy, busy, busy. I love the tractor best of all!

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    • Thanks for taking time to come by for a visit and for your comment(s)

      ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t afford to buy new farm implements, so I salvage and reconstruct implements that I need around my tiny garden and farm.

      Happy fall gardening


  2. Good luck with the new roof. Love the harrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thanks for taking time to drop by for a visit and for your nice comment(s)
      Happy fall gardening


      • You’re welcome. Just raising a small winter garden this year, lost too much to the cold last year and this year is supposed to be colder and wetter. How about you?

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        • My little corner of OK. has been in a 5 year dry spell, I have received less than 12 inches rain each year for the past 4 years. It’s getting very dry here, no rain, burn bans, water rationing and such. ๐Ÿ™‚ other than that everything is about normal.

          Happy successful gardening


          • Still? Geez. OKC is finally getting plenty of rain. Good luck though; maybe yall will catch some of the moisture the almanac’s predicting, without the west OK blizzard nastiness.

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            • Select Drought Map from my blogs main menu to see Oklahoma’s current drought conditions. ๐Ÿ™‚
              WX man said we have a 50 percent chance of a little rain this Friday night.

              Happy safe Halloween


  3. Hope the roof stays on this time….

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  4. Great pictures!! Love seeing your area! Old tractors are the best!!! Hoping this is the last roof project for you!!

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    • Grin … if you look very closely, to the southwest of the house is my local forest. I think it has at least 4 or 5 mesquite trees and 2 Chinese elm trees.

      happy gardening


  5. We replaced our roof two years ago with metal, because of high wind and the location of the house (on top of a hill, high winds blowing off too many shingles) LOVE IT!
    The paint scheme around our house is similar to yours. I painted the bedroom dark blue and white, added the leftover white to the blue and a dab of yellow that was left over from the kitchen and voila, green! painted the other bedroom with that color! ;D

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  6. Bruce Goodman

    This was not too “picture heavy” for me. It was a lovely insight into a day-to-day person’s life. Thanks. I felt like I was there. Someone needs to get a boot in the bottom over those earlier roofings though. I love the blue of your machinery! Keep up the blogging. It’s always a pleasure to read!

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    • Thanks for your kind comment(s)
      I am not cheap ๐Ÿ™‚ However I am frugal. The color that things get painted around here is the color I have left over from my last project. That may be Ford-New Holland blue, John Deere green or yellow or sometimes Case IH red.
      happy gardening.

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