Monosodium Glutamate, MSG – Does Science Have It Right This Time?

Source Restaurant puts MSG on tables

Many scientists are rethinking the detriments of MSG, and as a result, some restaurant owners are shamelessly offering it to diners, extolling its praises.

Ken Lee, a professor and the director of food innovation at Ohio State University said “it’s not true that MSG has any kind of toxic or causative role in food allergies.”

Lee said “MSG’s primary ingredient is table salt, and glutamate a naturally occurring amino acid…one of the building blocks of protein. Glutamate is also found in tomatoes, different types of nuts, Parmesan cheese, mushrooms and soy sauce.

According to the FDA, MSG is synthesized by fermenting starch, sugar beets, sugar cane or molasses. The agency classifies the additive as “generally recognized as safe.”

If you have eaten Doritos or KFC, you can bet you’ve eaten MSG.

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10 responses to “Monosodium Glutamate, MSG – Does Science Have It Right This Time?

  1. The question of taste comes down to the training of your taste buds. After I developed hypertension, I aggressively controlled by intake of salt, MSG, sugar, HFCS and soda. Six months later I was stunned to learn that the ‘memory’ of these flavors were much better that the actual thing. Sodas (sweet or diet) are particularly nasty tasting, even though I remember them as heavenly.

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    • I think you right on the target. I drink no more that about 1 soda a month, maybe less. I watch my salt and sugar intake as well.
      Happy healthy eating.


  2. It triggers migraine headaches in my husband, daughter and both sons whether they know it is there or not. So safe or not, it is avoided here.

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    • Thanks for dropping by for a visit.
      I think people should treat MSG much like any other food like a peanut allergy. . If you know that it causes you problems MSG should be avoided.

      Happy gardening


  3. I’ve also never had a problem. There was a show about food myths, and they did a study of MSG. Ever since I found out that most of the people just thought they were going to have a reaction, I’ve paid better attention. I’ve been fine. 😊

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  4. I never had a problem with MSG, my mother used it at home and I fully expected it to be in my food at restaurants. Frankly I missed it, especially at the Chinese dinners when it was taken away.

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