Beef And Pork Prices Are Still Rising In Price

Today is sale day at Apache livestock auction sales barn. It is unbelievable the price feeder calf’s and butcher cows are selling for.

Feeder Steers Medium and Large
Wt Range – – Price Range – – Avg Price – – Live Weight
313-348#- – -343.00-389.00 – -378.48 – – -$3.78 a pound – – – 325 pound feeder calf’s sold for $1,228.00 each
974# – – – -202.25 – – – – – -202.25 – – -$2.02 a pound – – – 975 pound steers sold for $1,970.00 each
1145#- – – – 190.00 – – – – – 190.00 – – -$1.90 a pound – – – 1145 pound steers sold for $2,175.00 each

Pig prices are not much better. In store cured bacon is selling for $7.00 to $10.00 a pound. Keep in mind when you see bacon packages in your supermarket selling for $5.00 a package, most of the time that package contains only 12 ounces, not the 16 ounces in a pound!
Do the math.
$5.00 (package price) / 12 (ounces in the package) = $0.42 (per ounce) X 16 = $6.72 (price per pound)

Big Smile .. When I see my long horn cows and calf’s grazing in my front yard, it makes be very satisfied that I purchased them when feeder calf’s were selling for 75 cents to 1 dollar a pound.

long horn cow

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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9 responses to “Beef And Pork Prices Are Still Rising In Price

  1. Yep, prices have been very high this year! Shrimp has been crazy! In fact, we’ve bought almost no shrimp this year.
    We’ve been relying more and more on our chickens and rabbits. But, I need my pork!


  2. The rate of capital gains on my chest freezer may be doing better than the stock market (pun intended). 🙂


  3. My only consolation, living in part of the country where raising beef is an important part of our economy, this time the actual beef raisers are gaining from those prices. A few years ago when the meat prices w went up it was the stockyards that took the big percentage, or at least that was what I learned covering local auction markets. Good post.


  4. I am glad to see that I am not the only one watching price per weight. I have seen that weight of packages have gotten smaller but cost more that is from Allergy medicine, paracetemal, food packages… It has been done so cleverly that most people don’t even realize that we do have high inflation despite what the government and media are telling us.


    • Hehehe … Have you looked at the package weight and price of a bag of Lay’s potato chips? A 10# bag of good for you potato’s cost much less that a few ounces of fating fried, salty covered chips.
      Happy gardening

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  5. WoW! You got a hell of a deal when you bought your feeder calves! Are those nation wide prices or do they fluctuate according to the state you live in?


    • Big grin .. Purchase price was much less than today’s replacement cost. However I do have 30 – 36 months water, supplemental protein feeds and hay invested in my small herd of longhorn cows.

      Sale auction prices can vary widely by location, state and cow breed. Hehehe … even cow color can effect their selling price. I don’ know why buy a black cow will sell higher that a red cow. Polled(hornless) cows sell higher than those with horns as well.

      Happy BBQ-ing


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