One Flu South For The Winter

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
It’s that time of the year ‘again’.. Time for your flu shot.
Better safe than dead. Get your flu shot soon, very soon.

halloween pumpkin Decorating your home for Halloween.
Some people really get into decorating for Halloween, others not so much. But either way it is time to be looking for and buying shocked corn stalks, grass/wheat straw bails and of course pumpkins for eating and as decorations.

Tis the season for candy apples, home made candies, sweet potato’s, pumpkins, fresh nuts, fruit and berries of all kinds.
Jack-o-lanterns. Spooky dress up for both old and young kids.
Bobbing for apples, pumpkin and sweet potato pies with lots of homemade whipped cream topping. Lots of candy, enough candy to feed a small army.

Not from the U.S.A. Leave a comment telling me about your home town and country

Why is common sense so uncommon?
Don’t be Shy. Leave me your comment(s)


3 responses to “One Flu South For The Winter

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  2. Time is flying by like a witch on her broomstick!


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